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Weekiss Period pants

With love to nature and yourself

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Our mission

We are a period underwear brand that aims to inspire all people of all ages to enjoy a free life.

      ✨ Free from silver and other biocides
      ✨ Vegan
      ✨ We protect the environment
      ✨ We love diversity
      ✨ We are for women's equality and self-love

Our mission

We are a period underwear brand that aims to inspire all people of all ages to enjoy a free life.

      ✨ Free from silver and other biocides
      ✨ Vegan
      ✨ We protect the environment
      ✨ We love diversity
      ✨ We are for women's equality and self-love
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Weekiss Period pants

With love to nature and yourself

Period Pants

More and more women are saying goodbye to tampons and pads and instead opting for period underwear during their menstrual period. Of course, there is a good reason for this. Because period panties offers you a high level of comfort and safety, so that in the future you can largely do without classic menstrual products or at least rely on comfortable additional protection.

The most important facts about period underwear at a glance

  • Period underwear is a sustainable and comfortable alternative to classic menstrual products.
  • Menstrual underwear is equipped with a special membrane system that reliably absorbs the blood and ensures a largely dry wearing feeling.
  • Period panties are available in different shapes, so that every woman can find a model that suits her ideas.
  • Period Pants can be easily washed and reused, so you can count on hygienic cleanliness.
  • By using period panties, you can save a lot of waste that normally comes from tampons and pads.
  • Depending on the intensity of bleeding, period pants is suitable either as an additional protection or a complete replacement for classic hygiene products.
  • Period panties score with their uncomplicated handling and a high wearing comfort, through which you will not find them annoying in everyday life.
  • Thanks to its ease of use period underwear is an excellent choice not least for teens.
  • High quality period panties, like the ones you can buy in our store, are free of silver and other biocides.

Period underwear function

Period panties are equipped with several leak-proof layers. Thanks to a special membrane, the blood is absorbed while the briefs still remain largely dry, so you can rely on a comfortable feel and feel safe.

Depending on the absorbency of the
mestrual underwear and the strength of your menstruation, you can either completely dispense with conventional products such as tampons and pads or use the period panties as additional protection.

Period underwear has many advantages

Menstrual underwear has many advantages to offer compared to other products such as tampons. The practical period panties make you feel secure in any situation. They require no practice and are just as easy to put on as normal panties.

Apart from that, they are extremely comfortable, so you will definitely not find your
period pants annoying. Unlike tampons or a menstrual cup, you don't have to insert anything, and unlike a sanitary pad, you can be sure that your period panties won't just slip out of place when it's least convenient for you.

In addition, period underwear is a sustainable alternative with which you can contribute to the protection of the environment and counteract the waste of resources.

Menstrual underwear: sustainable underwear for women

Sustainable products are becoming increasingly important for many people. As we all know, conventional menstrual products are disposable and you have to dispose of them every time after use. At first glance, this may not seem like a big problem. But over the years, a lot of waste accumulates in this way.

Period underwear, on the other hand, is a different story. You can simply wash and reuse your period panties. Especially if you use them without any other hygiene products, period underwear is a sustainable alternative that not only benefits you, but also the environment.

But even if you only use your period panties with a tampon for extra protection during heavy bleeding, you can save a lot of waste by not needing a sanitary napkin as well.

Period underwear is cheap

At first glance,
mestrual underwear may seem expensive. However, when you consider how much money you spend over time on the monthly purchase of tampons or pads, it quickly becomes clear that period underwear is actually an affordable alternative.

After all, you can use high-quality period panties like the ones you find in our store for several years before you have to replace them. Switching to
menstrual underwear will also have a positive effect on your wallet in the long run.

Weekiss period underwear for a dry feel

period panties is equipped with a special membrane system. This ensures that the blood is absorbed particularly quickly. The inner layer soaks up, while the outer layers ensure that no liquid can get out.

All layers of the membrane system are breathable, so you won't sweat unnecessarily in our period pants. At the same time, the certified organic cotton used in the manufacture of our period panties ensures excellent skin compatibility.

With Weekiss
mestrual underwear you can rely on a dry and comfortable feeling, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Period pants for teens

Experience shows that the first menstrual periods are a big adjustment for teenagers. They often come unexpectedly and irregularly, which can be very stressful for young women. Period panties can therefore be an excellent alternative to tampons and pads, especially for teens.

Because period panties score with easy handling that requires no practice. You just have to put them on like normal panties and then you can feel completely safe and comfortable. This makes period underwear perfect for teens who are still getting used to menstruation.

Hygienic cleanliness: mestrual underwear washing made easy

Maybe you have concerns about washing your period underwear anperiod knickersd doubt that the blood can be reliably removed from the panties without too much effort.

In this respect, however, you do not have to worry. Washing them is very simple. Simply rinse your period panties with cold water after taking them off, hang them up to dry and then put them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

This way, your period pants are hygienically clean again in no time and ready for their next use. So you have hardly more work than with the washing of your normal underwear and do not have to worry about hygiene and cleanliness.

How often do you need to change period underwear?

How often you need to change your period underwear depends, of course, not least on the strength of your period. If you have heavy bleeding, you may need to change your period underwear up to three times a day. In case of light bleeding, however, a daily change of the special underwear for menstruation is usually sufficient.

It's best to test your new period underwear at home first to get a feel for its absorbency. This way you'll be on the safe side and quickly find out how long you can wear them and whether they offer you enough security on their own or whether you should perhaps just use them for additional protection.

Can period underwear completely replace other hygiene products?

Depending on the intensity of your menstrual bleeding, it may well be that period briefs alone do not offer you sufficient protection. In this case, however, they are ideally suited for use as additional protection together with a tampon or a menstrual cup.

Period panties for a relaxed night

Period panties protect you not only during the day. They also give you the security you need for a restful sleep at night. Whether as the sole solution or at least as an alternative to a sanitary pad to support your menstrual cup or tampon - with period underwear you are also on the right track for the night.

Where you should not wear period panties

Menstrual underwear is extremely flexible. You can wear them both during the day and at night. Whether at home on the couch, at work or going out with your girlfriends - thanks to its incomparable wearing comfort, the high-quality period underwear by Weekiss is the perfect companion in almost every situation.

However, there is one restriction. You really should not wear them when swimming. For the membrane system of our period panties, it makes no difference whether the liquid absorbed is blood or water. As soon as you go into the water, the period underwear becomes soaked and loses its protective effect.

Weekiss menstrual underwear without biocides for your health

If you want to buy period underwear, you will inevitably read terms like odor-resistant and antibacterial. These properties sound tempting and are undoubtedly important, especially in connection with
period panties. However, in many cases they are only achieved through the use of so-called biocides.

Biocides are certain substances used to prevent the growth of harmful organisms or to kill them. Substances that can be used as biocides include, for example, silver, triclosan and titanium oxide.

One of the problems is that biocides kill beneficial microorganisms as well as pathogens. Particularly in clothing such as period underwear, which by its very nature is in constant contact with the skin, they can prove to be a serious risk to health.

Among other things, biocides can impair fertility, trigger allergic reactions, and some may even be carcinogenic. Apart from that, they are washed out of the clothing when it is washed, so they get into the environment and can pollute it as well.

We therefore strongly recommend that you only buy period underwear that is free of biocides. This is of course the case with our products, so you can be sure that they are safe for your health and the environment.

What to look for when buying your period panties

When you decide to buy period underwear, there are of course a few things you should consider. After all, you want to feel comfortable and safe with your new period panties and not have to compromise on quality or comfort.

When buying your period underwear, pay special attention to the following things:

  • High product quality and good workmanship ensure that you will enjoy your period pants for as long as possible.
  • The absorption capacity tells you how much fluid the panty can absorb, so you can choose the right model for you.
  • Your period panties should meet your expectations in terms of fit and provide you with a high level of wearing comfort.
  • For the sake of your health, choose high-quality period underwear that is free of silver and other biocides.
  • Menstrual underwear made of cotton usually offers you a particularly comfortable wearing sensation.

Period underwear in different designs

Every woman has her own preferences when it comes to the cut and look of her underwear. Of course, this applies not only to conventional panties, but also to menstrual underwear. Therefore, in our store you can find period panties in very different designs.

So it doesn't matter whether you prefer a classic brief or a slightly longer model, such as a boyshort - we are sure that you will find what you are looking for in our range. You can rely on your new period panties in any case on an optimal wearing comfort and a look according to your ideas.

Why you are right with period underwear from Weekiss

We would like to ensure with high-quality materials, a first-class processing and a lot of attention to detail that our
period panties leaves nothing to be desired and that you can feel completely comfortable and safe during your period.

Period pants from Weekiss offers you, among other things, the following advantages:

  • For the sake of the environment and your health, our period panties are free of silver and other biocides.
  • With certified organic cotton, we make our durable Period Pants a particularly sustainable product.
  • Due to the special membrane system we guarantee a reliable leakage protection of our period panties.
  • Thanks to the easy washability you can rely on our period pants permanently hygienic cleanliness.
  • The choice of different models makes it easy for you to keep your style and not compromise on looks.
  • The feel of our period panties will make you forget in no time that you're not wearing regular panties.
  • Quality is our priority, so you can rely on the longevity of your period underwear.

Buy Weekiss Period pants

As you can see, period underwear has a whole range of great benefits. It offers you not only safety and comfort. In addition, it also knows how to convince visually, so you will hardly notice any difference from your normal underwear.

Therefore, it is definitely worth trying out the practical period pants. We are sure that in the future you will not want to do without the comfort that our period panties offer you.

But it's best to see for yourself. Choose the model that you like and buy your new period underwear conveniently in our store.