Period pants


Weekiss period panties: high quality period underwear for demanding ladies

Do you want a comfortable alternative to classic period products? Then you'll love Weekiss period panties. Choose your style and enjoy the comfort and secure feeling of your new Weekiss period pants.

By the way, with our mestrual underwear you also do something good for the environment. Unlike tampons or pads, you can simply wash and reuse the sustainable underwear.

Buy your new period panties from Weekiss directly online in our store and see for yourself. We are sure that you will be thrilled with our period underwear.

Why you will love your Weekiss period underwear

  • Weekiss period panties offer you a unique comfort that will delight you.
  • With our period pants you are also during your menstruation absolutely stylish on the road.
  • Depending on the model, our period panties can absorb the same amount of fluid as one to six normal tampons.
  • Thanks to the special membrane system you can count on a dry feeling with our period underwear.
  • For the sake of your health, our mestrual underwear are free of silver and other biocides.
  • The high comfort and ease of use make our period underwear a good choice for teens as well.
  • Weekiss period underwear is produced in the EU in compliance with all standards.
  • Our period underwear convinces with quality, so that it will give you especially long pleasure.
  • With certified organic cotton, we ensure that Weekiss period pants are particularly sustainable.

What is period underwear?

To provide the necessary protection during your menstruation, you have various options. In addition to classic period products such as tampons and pads, you can also use a so-called menstrual cup, for example. 

Period underwear is another alternative that is reusable like a menstrual cup. At first glance, the special period panties look and feel just like regular panties when worn.

Unlike your normal underwear, period underwear, such as you can buy in the Weekiss online store, is equipped with a special membrane system. Thanks to several layers of fabric, period underwear can absorb a certain amount of liquid and store it leak-proof, so you can rely on a largely dry feeling during your period. 

Depending on the model, a period panty is suitable either for weak or for strong days of your menstruation and as sole or additional protection in combination with other period products such as tampons.

Among the great advantages of period underwear are, in particular, the ease of use, which is basically no different from wearing conventional underwear, as well as the high level of comfort and the fact that you can wash and reuse them.

With Weekiss period panties you are stylish on the road

Of course, every woman has different preferences when it comes to the look and cut of her panties. So that you do not have to compromise in this respect when buying period underwear, you can find period panties in different styles with us.

Whether classic panties, Boyshorts or Brazilian - at Weekiss you have the choice when it comes to looks. Choose the style you like and cut a good figure in your period panties in every situation.

Weekiss period panties offer you a unique comfort

When you slip into your new Weekiss period panties for the first time, you'll be amazed at how comfortable they are. Because the panties don't feel any different than your regular underwear. The only difference is that your period underwear will protect you during your period and keep everything nice and dry.

But the best thing is just to test it yourself. We have no doubt that the unique wearing comfort of Weekiss period panties will leave nothing to be desired and you will not want to do without them in the future.

How your Weekiss period panties protect you

Of course, our period panties look like ordinary panties only at first sight. In fact, the period underwear is equipped with a special membrane system. The layer of fabric, which has direct contact with the skin, ensures that the liquid is quickly absorbed during your days. 

The middle layer of fabric can absorb and store as much fluid as one to six tampons, depending on the model, while the outer layer ensures that nothing can leak, so you can always feel safe in everyday life.

Since all layers of fabric are breathable, your Weekiss period panties are not only leak-proof. It also prevents you from sweating excessively in your menstrual underwear, which additionally increases the wearing comfort.

Weekiss period underwear for weak and strong days

In our store you will find a selection of different mestrual underwear from which you can choose your favorite style. However, our period panties differ not only visually, but also in terms of the amount of fluid they can absorb.

Depending on the style, your Weekiss period underwear can hold between one and six regular tampons of fluid. You can always choose the panties that best fit the strength of your menstruation. 

Due to the special membrane system, the liquid is quickly absorbed and stored in the middle layer of fabric to prevent leakage. This ensures a largely dry feeling and you can feel completely comfortable in your Weekiss period panties..

Combine your Weekiss period underwear with other period products

In many cases, Weekiss period briefs with the right absorbency are sufficient to protect you during your period. If you have a heavy menstruation, however, it may be that you need additional protection.

In this case, you can easily combine your period pants with other period products such as a menstrual cup or a tampon. In this way, you ensure a particularly high level of security, so that you can always feel completely comfortable in everyday life.

If you are unsure at the beginning, we recommend that you first test your Weekiss period panties at home on your weaker days and then slowly work your way up to your stronger days. This way you will quickly find out when your panties are enough for you and when you should only wear them for additional protection.

Where to wear your Weekiss period underwear

Period underwear is very versatile. For example, you can wear your Wekiss period panties at home on the couch, at work or during sports and always rely on the reliable protection and comfortable feel.

Even for the night, our period pants are a good choice. Either alone or as an alternative to a sanitary napkin, they can help you get a good night's sleep so you can start the day feeling rested and ready for an active day.

One of the few situations in which you actually have to do without your Weekiss period panties is swimming. Because for the fabric it is of course no difference whether it absorbs blood or just normal water. As soon as you go into the pool, your mestrual underwear would therefore become soaked with water, so that they could no longer protect you.

When to change your Weekiss period panties

Each period is individual in its strength and intensity. Therefore, we can't tell you exactly how long you can wear your Weekiss mestrual underwear. On your weaker days you may be able to wear them all day, while on heavier days you may have to change them after a few hours.

But don't worry. By working your way from weak to strong days and trying out your period panties at home, you'll find out in no time how long they protect you and whether you can wear them on their own or whether you should combine them with a tampon or menstrual cup because of the intensity of your bleeding.

Sustainable underwear for ladies

Of course, you have to throw away tampons and pads every time after use. At first glance, this may not seem like a problem. But in fact, over the years, you produce a lot of waste that pollutes the environment. 

With Weekiss period panties you choose an ecological solution. Unlike traditional period products, you can reuse our sustainable underwear. In the long run, you save an enormous amount of waste without having to sacrifice safety and comfort. 

Weekiss period underwear: quality from the EU

Weekiss period underwear is manufactured in compliance with all standards in the European Union. You can be sure that with our products you are choosing first class quality.

With natural materials such as certified organic cotton, we also ensure that our period panties are particularly sustainable menstrual underwear. Because we believe that protecting the environment is something that concerns us all and that everyone can make their contribution to more sustainability.

Weekiss period panties are free from biocides

Biocides are substances that prevent the growth of harmful organisms or kill them. Unfortunately, their effect is not limited to unwanted pathogens. They can also kill beneficial microorganisms and harm your health.

Biocides can, for example, cause allergic reactions, impair your fertility and may even be carcinogenic. Especially with clothing such as underwear, the use of such substances is anything but unproblematic due to direct skin contact.

For this reason, our high-quality period panties are free of silver and other biocides. This means that you can rely on optimal skin compatibility of your new period underwear and do not have to fear any unnecessary health risks.

Weekiss period underwear for teens

The first menstrual periods often come irregularly and unexpectedly. For young women they mean a big change, which is associated with considerable stress. Period panties are the perfect solution in this situation. 

The practical period pants give young women a secure feeling and at the same time are just as comfortable as normal panties. Their use is very uncomplicated, so that the period underwear also teens no problems and nothing stands in the way of a relaxed everyday life.

Try it out. We are sure that you and your daughter will be delighted with the way Weekiss takes away the stress associated with your period.

Weekiss period panties wash and slip back in

One of the great advantages of period underwear is the fact that you can easily wash and reuse them. 

After wearing your Weekiss period panties, simply rinse them in cold water and wash them (preferably in a laundry net) with your other dark laundry at 40 degrees on the easy-care cycle. As soon as the mestrual underwear are dry, you can slip them back in and enjoy their comfortable feel.

Please do not use a full detergent for washing, as this can damage the fabric of your Weekiss period pants. Instead, use a wool detergent or a color detergent without bleach. This way you will ensure hygienic cleanliness and the longest possible life of your period panties.

Save money with Weekiss period underwear

Our period panties are not only a sustainable alternative to tampons and pads. They are also cheaper in the long run. Because while you have to buy new menstrual products every month, you can reuse your Weekiss period panties.

As long as you pay attention to good quality and take care of your period pants properly, you can wear them for several years. So it's only a matter of time before the investment in your period panties pays off financially.

How to find the right period panties

If you want to buy period panties, you must of course consider a few things. After all, you want to be sure that your new menstrual underwear offers you the desired protection and can convince both in terms of quality and comfort.

At Weekiss, you can be sure that you are choosing high-quality and extremely comfortable period panties. In our store, you basically only have to pay attention to your preferred style, the required absorbency and the right size to order the right period panties for you. It really couldn't be easier. So try it out right away and convince yourself of Weekiss period underwear.

Buy Weekiss period panties

With the high-quality mestrual underwear from Weekiss you choose the perfect combination of safety and comfort. Our menstrual panties protect you reliably, so that nothing stands in the way of an active everyday life during your period. 

At the same time, you avoid waste with them and thus help protect the environment and counteract the waste of resources. Weekiss period underwear is not only good for you, but also good for the environment.

Choose your style now and buy your Weekiss period panties online. We are sure that you will love the unique wearing comfort and that you will not want to miss your new Weekiss period panties in the future.