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How period underwear improves women's lives

20 Jan, 2023

How period underwear improves women's lives

Our customers' satisfaction is the most important thing for us and we appreciate all the feedback we receive about our products. We recently asked some women how their lives have changed since they started wearing Weekiss period underwear. We have published their answers below. We hope you enjoy reading them.


Since the birth of my second child, my periods have become much heavier and I also have recurring problems with period pains. Only wearing a tampon often made me feel insecure, especially in the office. A few months ago, my best friend told me about period panties. Since then, I usually wear them in addition to tampons during my period. This means I can finally feel really comfortable again when I'm out and about. The extra security is just priceless for me.

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Since I haven't used tampons for years and do a lot of exercise, I was curious if Period Pants are really better than pads. After two months, I have to say that they really are. The difference is especially noticeable in the gym. Nothing feels annoying and nothing slips. I can finally concentrate fully on my training. But I am also very satisfied in other respects. The pants are comfortable and I haven't had any problems with them leaking or anything like that.


With two children and a full-time job, there is little time for me. Everything has to fit well and not cause unnecessary effort in everyday life. Period underwear fits perfectly. Since I started wearing the period panties, my periods are somehow less of a concern. I know I can rely on them. Period underwearThe briefs are so comfortable that I even forget very quickly every time that I'm not wearing normal underwear.


Since I started wearing your underwear, I feel much more confident with my period. I worry less and am in a much better mood. I'm sure my husband would confirm that if you asked him. And of course it's also great to know that I'm doing something good for the environment and producing less waste.


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I became a mum for the first time six months ago. After the days in hospital, I had enough of huge pads and shapeless mesh pants. So I simply ordered some period panties. I was immediately impressed by the design of the panties. They were also super comfortable and stayed with me for the rest of the postpartum period. A few weeks ago, my period came again. I didn't feel like using tampons any more. So I just stayed with my period underwear. I love the great feeling and security your products give me.


Since I went through the menopause, my cycle has been totally crazy. My periods come irregularly and often earlier than expected. This has caused a lot of stress in my everyday life. I work in retail. Of course, it's not so great if you don't know whether your period will start suddenly. With period underwear, I have found the ideal solution for me. Finally, I can stay relaxed again and don't have to constantly worry that a mishap will happen to me in front of strangers.


I've always found tampons uncomfortable and pads somehow always bother me a lot after a while. It's completely different with period panties. I was really excited when I had my first pair of your panties in my hand and slipped into them. They feel great and look great too. Everything is somehow easier and more comfortable during my period. My life has definitely changed for the better thanks to you guys. I have already recommended Weekiss to others and have convinced at least two friends of mine.


I have to admit that I doubted for quite a long time. I could never really imagine how period underwear worked. I didn't think the panties were really tight. That's why for the first three months I only wore them in addition and always used a tampon as a safety measure. But in the meantime I've found out that I don't have to. With your highwaist panties, everything stays dry for hours even on the heavy days at the beginning of my period. I always take a spare pair of briefs with me to work, just to be on the safe side. But most of the time I don't need them at all. You can't imagine how much more pleasant and relaxed my periods are since I made the switch. I can only advise all women to give it a try. Have the courage! You will love it!

postpartum underwearSamantha:

Sustainability is very important to me. I've been vegan for about three years and always try to buy products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. That's why I tried menstrual cups for quite a while. But somehow I didn't really get on with any of the models. I've been using period underwear for a few months now. The great thing about it is that it is so incredibly comfortable. It's also really easy to wash. What I really like about Weekiss is that you don't use sheep's wool or synthetic fibres. Unfortunately, that's the case with many other brands. I'm sure I'll be a satisfied customer for a long time to come.


I can't really say exactly how period underwear has changed my life. It's hard to describe. I think that the panties make my everyday life as a woman less complicated and take away a little stress. I like the fact that I can just put the panties on and don't have to worry about anything. The fact that they are washable is of course another plus point. I'm sure you'll even save some money over time.

Are you ready for a change?

As you can see, period underwear can make a valuable contribution to improving women's well-being in many situations. Maybe now you're curious and want to try it out for yourself. In that case, take your time and look around our shop. There you will find a variety of period panties that you can order either individually or as a practical set. Of course, we look forward to your (hopefully positive) feedback. We're looking forward to hearing how you like your first Weekiss period underwear.