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The first period - more and more teenagers are using period underwear

19 Jan, 2023

The first period - more and more teenagers are using period underwear

More and more teenagers are using period underwear to protect themselves during their period. Why this is so and how adolescent women can benefit from the use of period underwear is explained below.

Period underwear for teenagers - the most important facts at a glance

  • The first period is called menarche and comes between the ages of 11 and 16 for most girls.
  • The physical changes often lead to stress and great uncertainty for teenagers.
  • In the early days, the menstrual cycle of young women is usually still quite irregular.
  • Period underwear is practical and particularly easy to handle, so that teenagers can also cope well with it.
  • Period underwear scores with a successful combination of high wearing comfort and reliable protection.
period pants for girls

How menarche changes everyday life

Menarche, as the first period is also called, usually occurs between the ages of 11 and 16 in adolescent women. In some cases, it can start a little earlier or later.Menstrual Underwear

The physical changes and the more or less regular bleeding in the future inevitably represent a major break for teenagers. Many girls feel insecure and stressed about this.

Especially the idea that the first period will start unexpectedly at school or somewhere else in public, resulting in an unpleasant mishap, is likely to be a real nightmare for many teenagers.

Irregular menstrual cycles in teenagers

In the beginning, the menstrual cycle of adolescent women is often quite irregular. So it can happen that your period starts unexpectedly. This is perfectly normal. However, it does not necessarily make everyday life easier for teenagers and creates additional uncertainty if they do not know exactly when their menstruation will come.

Uncomplicated solutions are in demand

Against this backdrop, it is undoubtedly especially important for teenagers to have hygiene products that are as uncomplicated as possible for their first period and that they can fully rely on in everyday life.

Period underwear is an excellent solution that is sure to suit your daughter.

At first glance, the briefs look like normal underwear. However, they are equipped with a special membrane system made of several layers of fabric. Like a sanitary pad, it absorbs the menstrual blood and stores it inside to prevent leakage.

period pants for teens

Why period underwear is perfect for teenagers

Menstrual underwear offers a number of advantages over not only classic disposable products such as tampons or pads, but also menstrual cups, which have become increasingly popular recently. Young women in particular can benefit from these advantages.

The most important argument in favour of the use of period underwear for teenagers is without a doubt the extremely simple handling with which the panties know how to convince in everyday life.

In this respect, period pants are really no different from normal panties. Your daughter just has to slip into the panties and thanks to the absorbent membrane system she doesn't have to worry about menstrual blood leaking during her period.

Once the panties are soaked, they are changed and the used panties end up in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry, where they can be washed at up to 40 degrees.

Period panties score points for comfort and style

Apart from being easy to use, your daughter will certainly appreciate the comfort and stylish design of her period underwear. These practical panties are no different from normal briefs.

Your daughter won't notice the difference when she wears them, and her friends won't notice that she's not wearing normal underwear when she's changing for school sports in the changing room, for example.period underwear uk

 No stress on the skin and vaginal flora

Unlike tampons and menstrual cups, period underwear does not require anything to be inserted into the vagina, so your daughter's vaginal flora is not unnecessarily stressed.

If you make sure that the panties do not contain biocides or other potentially harmful substances, they are also particularly gentle on the skin, so no problems are to be expected in this respect either.

This is of course the case with Weekiss menstrual underwear. Our vegan period panties are made in the EU according to the highest standards. We use certified organic cotton and deliberately avoid biocides and artificial fibres.

This not only makes our briefs breathable and comfortable to wear. In addition, we also ensure that the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum because, among other things, no microplastics can enter the environment through machine washing.

Period underwear for teenagers - our conclusion

As you can see, period underwear is perfect for teenagers. If your daughter is about to have her first period, it's best to order some period underwear in the right size as soon as possible. We're sure she'll love the chic and comfortable panties. For example, try our popular Weekiss Hipster, which we know is a big hit with teenagers.