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Sex during your period: yes or no?

17 Jan, 2023

Sex during your period: yes or no?

Many women are convinced that they should not have sex during their period. It is not uncommon for shame to play a certain role in this context. Find out below whether you really have to give up intimate moments with your partner during your period, or whether sex is actually not a problem at all. We also explain what you should be aware of if you decide to have sex during your period.

Sex during your period - the most important things at a glance

In principle, there is nothing wrong with having sex during your period.

  • Your period does not protect you from unwanted pregnancy or STIs.
  • During your period, you are more susceptible to intimate infections, which is why it makes sense to use condoms.
  • Tampons and menstrual cups should be removed before intercourse.
  • Sex can help you relax and help relieve pain during menstruation.
  • Whether pleasure increases or decreases during your period varies from woman to woman.
  • In many cases, your partner's reservations can be overcome through open discussion.
  • You don't have to worry about bleeding all over the bed when you have sex during your period.
  • Taking a shower together before sex not only ensures hygiene, but is also great foreplay.
  • In addition to sex, masturbation or petting can also be a great way to satisfy your lust during your period.

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Sex during the period is often still a taboo

Sex during periods is still taboo in many cases for both women and men. Common opinions on this topic range from concerns about hygiene to the fear that sex during periods can lead to infection with various diseases.

However, on closer inspection, all of these objections are misconceptions that are, at best, only half the truth. This does not mean that you should not take your own concerns or those of your partner seriously. However, from a purely medical point of view, there is no reason why you should not have sex during your period.

Risk of illness from sex during your period

Of course, your period does not protect you from STIs. In some cases, the risk can even increase because of the bleeding. If you don't know what your or your partner's state of health is, you should use condoms during your period and use a lick cloth for oral sex. Of course, this is especially true if your sexual partner is not your boyfriend and you know each other little or not at all.

Infections caused by unprotected sex during your period

Because of the changes in the vaginal flora during your period, you are more susceptible to intimate infections during your period. Sperm can more easily cause your vaginal flora to become unbalanced during this time.

Unprotected sex during your period makes it more likely that you will get an intimate infection. It therefore makes sense to use condoms even if you don't have a sexually transmitted disease. Even though things like vaginal yeast infections are largely harmless, they are annoying and often very unpleasant.

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Pregnant despite your period?

Many women think that if they have sex during their period, they can't get pregnant. However, this is not true. Even if the fertile days do not normally coincide with menstruation, you can still get pregnant during sex on your period.

After all, women's cycles are not always as regular as you might remember from your biology lessons. So it's quite possible that your fertile days will be delayed. In addition, the man's sperm can survive in your body for several days without any problems. This means that fertilisation of your eggs is still possible even days later. If you don't use contraception and don't want to get pregnant, you should therefore also use condoms for sex during your period.

Can I leave the tampon in during sex?

If you want to have sex with your partner during your period, you should always remove your tampon beforehand. This also applies if you have chosen a menstrual cup as an alternative to a tampon. Both have no place in your vagina during sexual intercourse. Don't be afraid that your partner will be disgusted by your blood. After all, it's a natural thing and the amount that comes out is limited anyway, so you don't have to worry about leaving a huge blood stain in your bed.

By the way, there are also so-called menstrual sponges that can remain in the vagina during sex. However, we recommend that you avoid such products. They are not always easy to get out and sometimes even small particles can come off, which is of course anything but ideal for your vaginal flora. 

Sex during your period with menstrual pain

If you suffer from uncomfortable menstrual cramps and back pain during your period, it's probably hard to imagine wanting to have sex while you're in pain. In fact, it can even help to relieve your period pain. After all, sex releases happy hormones and orgasm is known to have a very relaxing and antispasmodic effect.

Maybe you'd like to try it during your next period and see if it helps. By the way, it doesn't have to be sex with someone else. Masturbation also has a similar effect and can help you counteract your period pain.

Does menstruation make you want to have sex more?

Some women feel a lot of desire for sex during their period. For others, however, the desire drops to an all-time low. Both are completely normal. Your desire is closely linked to the hormonal fluctuations that occur during your menstrual cycle. Always remember that menstruation and menstrual cycles are very individual from woman to woman. So it's not unusual for your best friend to have a lot of desire during her period when you don't feel like having sex at all.

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My partner doesn't want to have sex with me

Of course, sex always involves two people. Therefore, in addition to you, your partner must also feel pleasure. Just like with women, there are also differences between men. While some are not bothered at all by menstruation, others are really disgusted by it.

If the latter is the case, you should not let it hurt your feelings. Often an open discussion can help you to overcome your reservations and find a compromise for your sex life during your period. Keep in mind that your partner probably knows very little about the female cycle compared to you and may not understand exactly how it works and what happens in your body.

Experience has shown that many misunderstandings can be cleared up surprisingly easily with openness. Try it out. We're pretty sure you'll find a way that you both feel comfortable with.

Will I bleed all over myself during sex?

You might be worried that when you have sex during your period, you'll get your blood all over the bed. However, this fear is completely unfounded. In fact, women lose between 30 and 70 millilitres of blood during their entire period. So even if you have a very heavy period and your blood loss is above that, you are far from making too big a mess.

If you want to be on the safe side, it's best to put a bath towel underneath to protect the mattress, which you can then simply rinse with cold water and put in the washing machine. Alternatively, you can make love in the shower or bathtub. This way, you can add some variety to your love life and create additional excitement, while at the same time avoiding unwanted mishaps in bed or on the couch. 

It's easier to have an orgasm during your period

During your period, your vagina is particularly well supplied with blood. This means that you are more sensitive in the genital area and touching it will excite you more easily. This means you're more likely to climax and you'll be able to enjoy sex more during your period.

Lubricant is usually unnecessary thanks to menstruation

If you normally have trouble getting wet, you'll be surprised at how well blood works as a lubricant during your period. At least during your heavier periods, you will not need to use any lubricant. This may sound strange at first. However, you will soon realise that this is indeed the case and that nothing stands in the way of your pleasure.

Which positions are best for sex during your period?

Of course, it is entirely up to you and your preferences which positions you prefer during sex on your period. For example, you can achieve particularly intense stimulation with the missionary or spoon positions. In principle, however, you can also enjoy each other in any other position.

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Hygiene before and after sex during your period

If you want to have sex during your period, hygiene is of course an important issue that you will certainly want to think about. You will probably want to wash beforehand to feel comfortable during lovemaking.

How about integrating body care directly into lovemaking? Next time, why not take a shower with your partner for a change? It's guaranteed to help you both get in the mood. And who knows. Maybe you'll even decide to stay in the shower and have fun together.

Of course, the same applies to personal hygiene after sex. You are also welcome to visit the bathroom together for this. Of course, you know best whether you feel comfortable with this or not.

Petting as an alternative to sex

If you or your partner don't want to have sex during your period but still want to be close, petting is a great alternative. There are practically no limits to your fantasy and desire. Whatever you like is allowed. You can have fun together without penetration and both get your money's worth.

Take your time

If the topic of sex during your period is still new territory for you and your partner, you should definitely take some time at the beginning. This applies not only to communicating about any concerns you may have about the subject, but also to foreplay and sex itself. A quickie in between is probably not the best choice for making love for the first time during menstruation. Of course, once you've enjoyed it, there's nothing to be said against it. 

Self-love and acceptance

Always remember that your period is a natural thing. You don't need to be ashamed of it or uncomfortable with your partner. Learn to love and accept yourself as you are. The better you do this and the more you know your body and its characteristics, the easier it will be to relax and the more you will be able to enjoy sex during your period.

Sex during your period - our conclusion ❤️

As you can see, from a medical point of view there is absolutely nothing against sex during your period. If you feel like it, you can have sex without hesitation. Of course, you don't have to be ashamed of your bleeding. After all, it is something completely natural that no woman can avoid. If your partner has problems with it, a frank discussion can often help.

Regardless of this, you should be aware that it is no different in terms of safety to have sex during your period than on other days. You can get pregnant and infected with STIs even if you have your period. The risk of intimate infections, such as vaginal fungus, is even slightly higher than normal during menstruation. The use of condoms and, if necessary, a lick cloth is therefore highly recommended to be on the safe side and to avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards.