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Period underwear: how hygienic is the alternative to tampons?

18 Jan, 2023

Period underwear: how hygienic is the alternative to tampons?

Period pants is all the rage. More and more women are opting for the sustainable alternative to tampons. Period panties score particularly well with their easy handling and excellent wearing comfort. However, there are always concerns about hygiene. Whether these are actually justified is explained below.

Hygiene in period underwear - the most important things at a glance

  • If you change your period panties regularly and take care of them according to our recommendations, hygiene will not be a problem.
  • Change your Weekiss period panties after 12 hours at the latest, even if they still feel completely dry.
  • Rinse your period pants with clean water after wearing it and wash it in the washing machine at 40 degrees.
  • Period underwear with biocides should not be used, despite their supposed hygiene benefits.
  • Weekiss mestrual underwear offers you hygienic cleanliness and excellent comfort.

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How does menstrual underwear work?

Maybe you haven't looked into period underwear before and are wondering how exactly it is supposed to protect you during your period.

The function of period underwear is quickly explained. The panties, which seem inconspicuous at first glance, are equipped with a special multi-layer membrane system. The layer of fabric that lies directly on your skin absorbs the blood that escapes during your period and passes it on to the layer of fabric inside. There, the menstrual blood is stored in a leak-proof way so that everything stays pleasantly dry and you can always feel safe in everyday life.

Basically, a period panty works almost like a sanitary pad. However, the absorbent material is firmly attached to the panties. In addition, you don't have to dispose of your period underwear after wearing it, but you can wash it and put it on again. This way, you avoid a lot of unnecessary waste over the years and help the environment.

Hygienic period underwear thanks to biocides?

The topic of hygiene is without a doubt very important when it comes to menstrual hygiene products. Of course, this applies not only to tampons and pads, but also to period underwear.

For this reason, many manufacturers of period underwear use so-called biocides. Biocides are substances that are used, among other things, to fight germs and bacteria. In theory, this may sound quite sensible. However, the use of biocides in clothing such as menstrual underwear is controversial for good reason.

For one thing, biocides kill not only potentially harmful pathogens, but also beneficial microorganisms that naturally exist on your skin. For another, they are associated with a number of health problems. Among other things, biocides are said to promote the development of allergies and can impair fertility. Some of them are even suspected of being carcinogenic.period underwear

Considering the fact that period knickers naturally has direct contact with your skin, this is of course anything but ideal. We therefore recommend that you choose period underwear that is free of silver and other biocides. This is also more sustainable, as no biocides are released into the environment with the waste water when you wash your menstrual underwear.

Hygienic and sustainable underwear from Weekiss

At Weekiss, we have made a conscious decision not to use biocides for these reasons. With our period panties, such as our hipster underwear, you are choosing high-quality products that guarantee optimal skin compatibility.

However, you can still rely on the hygienic cleanliness of our sustainable underwear. As long as you change your Weekiss period panties regularly and wash them according to our recommendations, you will enjoy them for a long time without having to worry about hygiene.

By the way, our mestrual underwear is not only a comfortable protection for your period. It also offers you the necessary security in case of bleeding during your period, so that you don't feel restricted in your everyday life.

Care of period underwear for hygienic cleanliness

When using period underwear, it is of course important that you pay attention to hygiene in order to prevent the formation of germs and associated problems. For this purpose, it is necessary to change your period underwear regularly and, of course, to clean it properly.

How often should period underwear be changed?

To ensure good hygiene, it is essential that you change your period panties regularly. The length of time you can wear a pair of panties depends on the absorbency of the model and the amount of bleeding you have.

The menstrual cycle and periods vary from woman to woman. This applies to both the duration and the intensity of the bleeding. Very often, brown blood also comes out during the period. Some women's period underwear stays dry longer than others'. If you have a heavy period, you will have to change your underwear sooner.

mestrual underwearYou can easily tell when it's time to change your period underwear by the fact that the panties start to feel a little damp. As soon as this happens, you should take them off and slip into a fresh pair.

Regardless of this, you should not wear your period underwear for too long. Even if your bleeding is very light, we recommend that you do not exceed a maximum of 12 hours for hygienic reasons, even though your panties may still feel completely dry.

How do you wash period underwear?

As period underwear is a reusable menstrual product, the panties are of course washable. For the best possible hygiene, you should wash your period panties in clean water after wearing them. You can then put them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes.

Weekiss period panties can be washed at up to 40 degrees on the easy-care cycle. To protect the fabric, avoid using a heavy-duty detergent and instead use a colour detergent or a wool detergent. Apart from that, you can use a washing net as an additional protection for your period underwear.

Period pants and hygiene - our conclusion

As you can see, hygiene is not a problem with period underwear. As long as you change your period panties regularly and follow our recommendations, you don't have to worry about them being unhygienic.

Instead, you can feel completely comfortable and safe in your Weekiss period underwear and be confident that you have chosen a sustainable alternative to tampons.