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Orgasm during your period: why you should allow yourself the fun

5 Feb, 2023

Orgasm during your period: why you should allow yourself the fun

Many women think they have to give up sex during their period. Maybe you feel the same way. You may be uncomfortable with the idea of being intimate with your partner during your period. We'll explain below why this doesn't have to be the case and why you should also treat yourself to an orgasm or two during your period.

Orgasms during your period - the most important facts at a glance

  • You can have sex during your period without worrying if you feel like it.
  • Sex during your period is not unhygienic and there's no need to worry about a lot of blood in bed.period underwear
  • Orgasm has a relaxing effect that can help relieve period pain.
  • Condoms are useful during menstruation to prevent pregnancy and protect you from disease.
  • If you don't have a partner, you can easily give yourself an orgasm during your period.
  • With sexy period underwear from Weekiss, you'll also cut a fine figure in the bedroom.

Are women allowed to have sex during their period?

You often hear and read that sex during your period is not a good idea. Maybe you've heard this before and now think that you shouldn't have sex with your partner when you're on your period.

However, we can assure you that there is absolutely no truth in this assumption. There are no medical reasons why a healthy woman should not have sexual intercourse during menstruation.

If you feel like having sex, you can do so without hesitation. It doesn't matter at all whether you are having your period or not.

Isn't sex during your period unhygienic?

Many women (and men) think that sex on your period is unhygienic. However, this concern is completely unfounded. Just take a quick shower beforehand so that you feel completely comfortable in bed.

Maybe your partner will even come along. Then you can have some exciting foreplay or stay in the shower all the time. This way, thanks to your menstruation, you can bring some variety into your love life.

Will there be a bloodbath in bed?

During your entire period, you normally lose between 30 and 70 millilitres of blood. That's really not much and should quickly make you realise that you really don't have to worry about huge pools of blood in bed.

Period pantiesOf course, bloodstains can occur if you let your partner give you an orgasm during your period. However, these should be much smaller than you might think. So it's best not to worry so much about it and don't let your period stop you from enjoying your love life.

Does an orgasm help with period pain?

PMS symptoms and period pains can sometimes make everyday life quite unpleasant for us women. Having sex during your period is not only safe. It can also do you a lot of good if you have menstrual cramps.

The cramping effect of orgasm can help relieve your period pain and improve your well-being during menstruation. We think that for this reason alone, it's worth being open about the topic of sex during your period. Or what do you think?

What is important when having sex during your period?

Basically, you can have sex normally during your period and you don't have to limit yourself too much. However, you should keep a few points in mind so that you can fully enjoy sex despite menstruation.

The following points are particularly important:

  1. be sure to remove your tampon before having sex, if you use one.  
  2. remember that pregnancy is at least possible despite having a period.  
  3. condoms reduce the increased risk of intimate infections and STIs during menstruation.  
  4. if necessary, put a towel on the bed to avoid blood stains on the sheets.

What should you do if your partner doesn't feel like it?

Some men do not want to have sex at all during menstruation. If this is the case with your partner, a frank discussion may help. Be aware that most men have almost no idea about the female cycle.

Maybe you can overcome your partner's concerns. Then hopefully nothing will stand in the way of you enjoying your period together in the future.period pants

What if there is no partner available?

If you don't have a partner available for sex at the moment, that's not a problem. After all, you can easily give yourself an orgasm if you feel like it.

Masturbation during your period has the same effect as sex. It helps you to relax and can help to reduce your period pain.

What if I don't feel like having sex?

Even though there's nothing wrong with sex and it would definitely do you good to have orgasm during your period, you may still not feel like being intimate. If that's the case, it's of course perfectly fine. 

Orgasm during your period or not: at the end of the day, all that matters is that you feel good and enjoy it. However, we would like to encourage you to be open to the topic of sex and your period.

With Weekiss you look good despite your period

Often we women don't feel attractive during our period. The right outfit can work wonders, as you know for sure. For example, how about a pair of Weekiss period knickers?

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Orgasm during your period: our conclusion

As you can see, it's a good idea to have sex and treat yourself to an orgasm or two, not least because you might have menstrual cramps. So you don't have to hold back during your period. The bleeding doesn't have to be uncomfortable and you don't have to fear a bloodbath in bed.

So don't be afraid to be open about it. Menstruation is not dirty and with a little preparation you can have great sex despite your period. If you don't have a partner, you can always do it yourself.