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How postpartum underwear can make your life easier after giving birth

19 Jan, 2023

How postpartum underwear can make your life easier after giving birth

The time after birth is challenging and stressful for young mothers. You have to find your way into your role as a mother and get to know your baby. In addition, your body has to regenerate from the pregnancy and the delivery, which also results in the so-called postpartum flow.

Of course, postpartum underwear should not be missing in your everyday life as a new mother to protect you during the flow and to make your already challenging everyday life with the newborn a little easier.

Postpartum underwear - the most important things at a glance

  • The postpartum period lasts about six to eight weeks, during which time the pregnancy-related changes begin to subside.
  • Postpartum flow occurs for up to six weeks after birth, during which time it continues to decrease.
  • For the first few days, special maternity panties and puerperal pads are the right choice because of the strength of the postpartum flow.
  • When the discharge subsides, you can use period panties as postpartum underwear
  • In our shop you will find a selection of high-quality panties that you can use as protection during the postpartum period.

What is the postpartum period?

The postpartum period is the period after birth in which the female body recovers from the changes associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Sometimes it is also called the puerperium.

period underwear

Apart from the physical changes, the postpartum period is also a time for you to get to know your baby and build a close bond with him or her. So you should enjoy the time you spend with your baby, even though you will probably feel tired and exhausted more than once during the postpartum period.

Duration of the postpartum period

The length of the postpartum period can vary a little from woman to woman. It usually takes your body between six and eight weeks to recover from your pregnancy.

What happens during the postpartum period?

During pregnancy, it is not only your belly that has become bigger. A lot of things have changed in your body as well. After you give birth, all these changes have to disappear.

Your body has to eliminate the superfluous tissue from your uterus and your hormone balance changes. Despite all the wonderful feelings that the time with your baby will trigger in you, you will certainly have a few aches and pains during the postpartum period.

This is normal and unfortunately unavoidable. Be careful not to overexert yourself and let your partner support you in the weeks after the birth of your baby.

What is lochia?

Lochia is the discharge that accompanies childbirth. It is a wound secretion from the uterus that comes out of the vagina in a similar way to your menstruation.

period pants ukPuerperal flow changes over time:

  • Immediately after delivery, it is heavier than your normal period and initially red in colour.
  • After about a week, the flow slowly becomes weaker and takes on a brownish colour.
  • After about two weeks, only a small amount of the now rather yellowish postpartum flow comes out.
  • Around three weeks after delivery, there is very little of the now whitish discharge.
  • Between four and six weeks after birth, the flow stops completely.

Please note that if the flow stops prematurely, this can be a sign of a so-called lochia. Since this can lead to an infection of your uterus, you should definitely get checked and treated if necessary.

Maternity briefs and puerperal pads

The total amount of postpartum fluid is about half a litre. It should therefore go without saying that you need to use appropriate hygiene products for the duration of your period.

Of course, using a tampon or a menstrual cup is not an option for this purpose, as everything must flow out freely to avoid infections. Instead, you need a sanitary product that fits on the outside of your body to absorb the flow after it comes out.

In the first few days after the birth, you can get special pads at the hospital that are bigger than normal sanitary pads for your period. In addition to the pads, you will need so-called maternity panties to keep them in place.

Maternity panties are either disposable panties that you can dispose of with the pads after use, or they are reusable mesh panties that you can wash in the washing machine. If you need them, you can also buy them at the drugstore.

Period panties as postpartum underwear

The combination of period panties and a postpartum pad is undoubtedly the right choice for the first few days because of the amount of discharge. However, you probably won't want to use a net panty and a large pad for several weeks.

If the flow decreases slowly, it is a good idea to use period panties instead, such as the ones you can find in our shop, as postpartum underwear. The panties look much more attractive and, depending on the model, have the absorbency of up to six normal tampons. In addition, the panties are breathable, which makes them very comfortable to wear, and they are easy to handle, so they don't make your everyday life unnecessarily complicated.period pants for girls

Of course, you can wash the period panties used as postpartum underwear in the washing machine. This means that hygiene, which is so important during menstruation, is not a problem.

Postpartum underwear from Weekiss

With our products, you are choosing high-quality postpartum underwear that reliably protects you and also has an appealing look and is extremely comfortable to wear.

We use certified organic cotton in the production of our briefs. We also avoid the use of biocides, as these are associated with various health risks.

You can order our sustainable underwear for your postpartum period either individually or as a practical mummy set with several pairs of panties and have them conveniently delivered to your home.

Our conclusion on postpartum underwear

As you can see, you don't necessarily have to limit yourself to conventional maternity panties and pads when buying your postpartum underwear. When the flow subsides after a few days, you can choose menstrual underwear, which looks the same as your normal underwear and is easy to use.

If you want to be stylish during the postpartum period without sacrificing reliable protection, the comfortable and sustainable period panties from Weekiss are the right choice.