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How good is period underwear really?

19 Jan, 2023

How good is period underwear really?

But can period panties really convince in everyday life or are they just a short-term hype that will soon be over again? We'll give you the answer to this question in the following.

The most important advantages of period underwear at a glance

  • Period underwear with sufficient absorbency is also good for women who have heavier periods.
  • Since period panties are reusable, you can save a lot of waste and protect the environment by switching to them.
  • Our period panties offer you first-class wearing comfort that is sure to delight you from the very first moment.
  • Because they are so easy to use, period underwear is also very suitable for teenagers.
  • Since not all period underwear is convincing, you should look for good quality when buying your period underwear.

How good is period underwear for heavy periods?

Periods vary in duration and intensity from woman to woman. If you are one of those women who has a heavy period, you are probably wondering if menstrual underwear is for you. 

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In our experience, heavy bleeding is not a problem in most cases. Weekiss period panties can hold the same amount of fluid as up to six tampons, depending on the model. This means that every woman can find period underwear with the right absorbency.

Customers tell us time and again that they feel completely safe with our period panties despite heavy bleeding and that everything stays pleasantly dry. Of course, you can also combine period pants with a tampon or menstrual cup if you are unsure and want to get a feel for their absorbency.

How good is period underwear for the environment?

Many women don't realise how much waste is generated by disposable items like pads and tampons over the course of a lifetime. By switching to period underwear, this could easily be avoided. Because unlike tampons and pads, panties are reusable. Instead of throwing them away after use, they can simply be washed in the washing machine, hung to dry and put back on.

If you decide to buy vegan period underwear that is free of biocides and synthetic fibres, this is particularly good for the environment, as it prevents microplastics from entering the environment.

Are period panties comfortable?

If you are suffering from period pains, you will want a comfortable solution to protect you during your period. A good quality and well-fitting period panty is the perfect choice for this purpose.

Good period underwear, like the ones you can find in our shop, is practically as comfortable as normal underwear. You should hardly notice any difference when wearing them and feel completely comfortable in them.

How good is period underwear for teenagers?

If you have a daughter, there will inevitably come a time sooner or later when she needs her first menstrual products. Considering the stress that the physical changes bring for girls, the hygiene products for your daughter should be as easy to use as possible.

Period underwear is very suitable for young women who first have to get used to their menstruation. This is because the panties are no different from normal underwear in terms of handling. Your daughter just has to put them on instead of her regular panties and then doesn't have to worry about anything else.

Even during school sports and other leisure activities, period underwear offers good protection so that your daughter can stay relaxed in almost any situation.

How good is period underwear for the genital area?

Another great advantage of period underwear is that it is very gentle on your skin and your private parts. Pads and tampons often contain various chemicals, plastics and fragrances, which of course is anything but beneficial for the skin and mucous membranes in your intimate area. Tampons are made even more difficult by the fact that you have to insert them into your vagina, which can sometimes affect your vaginal flora.

With period underwear, none of this is the case. This is at least true if you make sure when buying them that they do not contain biocides or other substances that are unsuitable for direct skin contact, and that they are made exclusively of cotton.

Not all period panties are convincing in terms of quality and comfort

Despite all the advantages, you should be aware that the quality of period underwear can vary greatly. Just like most other products, not all period panties are convincing.

Whether it's a poor fit, inferior workmanship or the use of cheap materials, there are a number of factors that can significantly affect your satisfaction with your new panties. If you really want good period underwear, you should pay attention to the quality when buying them.

Do you already know Weekiss period underwear?

If you haven't worn period underwear yet, it's time to change that. Take a look around our shop and choose the model that suits you best.

With Weekiss period underwear, you're choosing quality that leaves nothing to be desired:

  • Our briefs are free from biocides and other potentially harmful substances.
  • We use certified organic cotton in the production process.
  • The Period Pants are produced in the EU according to the highest standards.
  • You can choose between different styles.
  • Depending on the model, your Weekiss period panties will absorb as much fluid as up to six tampons.
  • Weekiss period panties are washable at up to 40 degrees.
  • High-quality materials and careful workmanship guarantee a long life.
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As you can see, period underwear is actually a good alternative to classic menstrual products. This is true at least if you look for good quality and choose a pair of underwear that fits you well and has sufficient absorbency.

It's best to try them out for yourself. In the Weekiss shop you'll find a pair of panties that suits you and your period perfectly. We're sure you'll love the comfort and reliability of our period underwear.