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Why you should be critical of conventional products for menstrual hygiene

5 Feb, 2023

Why you should be critical of conventional products for menstrual hygiene

From menarche to menopause, every woman needs regular menstrual products to protect herself during her period. Many women still prefer to use tampons or pads for menstrual hygiene. In the following, we will explain why this is not always a good idea and why you should take a critical view of classic hygiene products.

The biggest problems of conventional menstrual products at a glance

  • Traditional menstrual products often contain potentially harmful substances such as BPA and fragrances.
  • The lack of mandatory declaration of harmful substances in sanitary products such as tampons makes it difficult for women to choose products.
  • Toxins can easily enter the body through the mucous membrane in the vagina and be deposited there.
  • Disposable products such as tampons and sanitary pads generate a large amount of unnecessary waste over time.
  • High-quality menstrual underwear is a good alternative to traditional menstrual products.

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Harmful substances in menstrual hygiene products

Many women are not aware that menstrual hygiene products can contain a variety of harmful substances. These include plastics that contain chemical compounds such as BPA. According to the WHO, BPA can cause thyroid disease and diabetes in humans.

Apart from that, fragrances are also a problem. As a component of menstrual products, they are suspected of causing hormonal imbalances.

In this context, also consider that we women have direct contact with our hygiene products for several days every month for decades. In this way, possible toxins have plenty of time to accumulate in the body and cause damage.

Lack of mandatory declaration for feminine hygiene products

In Germany, medical products are subject to very strict controls and declaration obligations regarding the substances they contain. Unfortunately, this is not the case with menstrual products such as tampons. This means that manufacturers can keep a relatively low profile with regard to the composition of their hygiene products.

This makes it much more difficult for us women to make an informed purchase decision and find products that are actually free of undesirable substances such as biocides or plastics.period pants

Harmful substances enter the body through the mucous membrane

An often underestimated problem with the use of tampons is the fact that the mucous membranes in the vagina are not only very sensitive, but can also absorb potentially toxic chemicals. These increasingly build up in the body over time.

Excessive exposure of the body to toxins can cause various health problems in the long run. Possible consequences are, for example, hormonal imbalances or even an increased risk of cancer. In this context, please also read our article on the topic of cancer symptoms in women.

Classic sanitary products pollute the environment

Traditional sanitary products such as pads and tampons are disposable. This means that they have to be disposed of each time after use. At first glance, this may not seem too tragic.

However, if you add up the waste generated by these products, over the years it adds up to a considerable amount for each individual woman. The use of classic disposable products for menstrual hygiene thus represents a burden on the environment that should not be underestimated.

What alternatives do women have?

As you can see, conventional products for your monthly hygiene have some major disadvantages. They can pose a risk to your health as well as pollute the environment. You may wonder if there are better alternatives. If so, you should definitely look into period pants.

Unlike tampons, menstrual underwear is a reusable hygiene product. Also, you don't have to insert anything into your vagina during your period, which is good for your vaginal flora.

Weekiss period underwear: good for you and the environment

Despite the advantages mentioned above, there are considerable differences in the quality of period underwear. Therefore, when buying period underwear, make sure you choose high-quality underwear.

The comfortable panties from Weekiss are the right choice for you. Our period underwear is free from biocides and other potentially harmful substances. Instead, certified organic cotton provides exceptional comfort that you're sure to love.