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Why doctors advise teenagers to start wearing period underwear

19 Jan, 2023

Why doctors advise teenagers to start wearing period underwear

For a long time, women could only choose between tampons and pads for protection during their period. For some years now, however, there has been a great alternative in the form of period underwear, which is also an excellent choice for teenagers.

Why young women should use period underwear and why these practical briefs are often recommended by doctors is explained below.

Period underwear for teenagers - the most important facts at a glance

  • Wearing period underwear is just as easy for teenagers as wearing their normal underwear.
  • Period underwear does not affect the vaginal flora and therefore reduces the likelihood of vaginal dryness, among other things.
  • Menstrual underwear usually protects girls very reliably even during physical activities such as school sports.
  • Menstrual briefs are reusable, so young women can easily use them to help protect the environment.
  • In our shop you will find a wide range of period briefs from which you can choose the right model for your daughter.

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The first period in young women

The first menstrual period, also known as menarche, usually occurs between the ages of 11 and 14. Some girls have their first period a little earlier, and sometimes they wait until they are 16.

Regardless, this phase of a young woman's life often involves a lot of stress. The physical changes often cause uncertainty in everyday life and are perceived as stressful by many teenagers.

After menarche, it takes a while for the cycle to settle down. For this reason, it is the rule rather than the exception that teenagers' periods are irregular at first and also vary in strength and length.

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Menstrual products for young women

As your daughter slowly develops into a woman, it is important that you support her as much as possible. This includes talking to her and providing her with the right menstrual products at the right time. Since her everyday life is likely to be very stressful at the moment anyway, these should be as easy to handle as possible so that their use does not represent an additional burden.

Period panties fulfil this requirement perfectly. They are no different from ordinary panties in terms of handling. Your daughter simply slips into the period panties as she would into her normal underwear. The integrated membrane system absorbs the escaping menstrual blood and ensures that everything feels dry. Once the menstrual panties have reached their maximum absorbency, your daughter can simply take them off and slip into a fresh pair of panties.

So she doesn't have to insert anything into her vagina like she does with tampons, nor does she have to make sure her pad doesn't slip on the way. Instead, your daughter can concentrate on her daily routine without worrying about embarrassing mishaps during her period.

Vaginal dryness due to tampons in young women

Although vaginal dryness is mainly a problem in older women, it can also occur in teenagers. In many cases, tampons are at least partly responsible for vaginal dryness in young women.

Especially if the tampon is used towards the end of the period, when the bleeding becomes weaker and weaker, the tampon inevitably absorbs vaginal secretions as well as the residual menstrual blood, which can significantly impair the vagina's moisture supply.

In this respect, the use of sanitary pads is only a limited alternative. They are often perfumed, which has a negative effect on the vaginal flora and can also lead to dryness.

Of course, the use of tampons and pads are not the only possible reasons that can lead to vaginal dryness in young women. Nevertheless, you can easily avoid at least this cause by buying your daughter menstrual underwear.

Is period underwear suitable for school sports?

Menstrual briefs, like the ones you find in the Weekiss shop, are not only very comfortable. If they are the right size, they are also very difficult to slip on. These features make them a good choice for physical activities like school sports, where teenagers can feel comfortable and safe.

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Menstrual underwear as a sustainable alternative

A woman who uses only tampons and disposable pads creates a significant amount of waste over the course of her lifetime. With menstrual underwear, this can be easily avoided. Because they are washable and last a long time if you take good care of them, they can help you save a lot of unnecessary waste over the years.

This only indirectly benefits your daughter. Nevertheless, in our opinion, it is important in this day and age that young people learn to use the finite resources of our planet sparingly and to reduce the burden on the environment. With period panties, this can be achieved without compromising comfort or safety in any way.

What is important when buying period panties for teenagers?

If you decide to equip your daughter with period panties, there are a few things you should consider when buying them. First of all, menstrual underwear should not contain biocides and should be made of breathable cotton. Also, make sure the panties are the right size and have sufficient absorbency to provide reliable protection.

Last but not least, your daughter has to like them. But we have no doubt that you will find a model in our shop that suits her taste and that she will enjoy wearing in the future.

Period underwear for teenagers - our conclusion

As you can see, period underwear for adolescent women has many advantages. Among other things, your daughter will benefit from the easy handling of the practical menstrual briefs.   
Apart from that, period pants are very comfortable. They do not affect the vaginal flora and at the same time offer reliable protection, which makes them a good choice for physical activities such as school sports.