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Wearing panty liners every day: why is this a bad idea?

5 Feb, 2023

Wearing panty liners every day: why is this a bad idea?

Many women appreciate the fresh feeling and the supposedly better hygiene that wearing panty liners seems to offer them. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the popular hygiene product to be worn almost every day. However, this can quickly become a problem. In the following, we will explain why you should not use panty liners too often in everyday life.

The most important facts about wearing panty liners every day at a glance

  • Panty liners are a hygiene product that is worn on the outside of the body and is especially useful if you have a lot of discharge.
  • For hygienic reasons, it is very important that panty liners are changed regularly.
  • Wearing panty liners every day can lead to problems such as rashes and infections.
  • Wearing panty liners too often can not only harm yourself, but also harm the environment.
  • If you want to protect yourself from vaginal discharge in your daily life, we recommend that you use period pants.

period knickers

How does a panty liner work?

Unlike a tampon, a panty liner is a sanitary product that is worn on the outside. It is inserted into your pants. The absorbent material absorbs the menstrual blood or vaginal discharge.

Ideally, the panty liner ensures that everything stays dry during your period and that there are no unpleasant incidents. After use, the pad can be disposed of and replaced with a fresh one if needed.

What do I have to watch out for when using panty liners?

Basically, using panty liners is not a complicated matter. Nevertheless, there are a few points you should be aware of when using them. First of all, it only makes sense to use a panty liner if you have a lot of vaginal discharge.

You should also change your panty liner regularly. After four to five hours at the latest, it is time to replace the used panty liner with a fresh one. This is for hygienic reasons, even if the liner could actually absorb more fluid.

Why does it hurt to wear a panty liner every day?

If you have ever worn a panty liner, you may have noticed that it feels extremely hygienic. For this reason, it seems naturally tempting to use them more often in the future. In fact, some women use a panty liner almost every day to protect themselves from vaginal discharge and to feel completely safe.

Sooner or later, however, this quickly leads to various problems:

  • The insufficient breathability means that moisture accumulates.
  • The moisture makes you sweat more and can cause an unpleasant odour.
  • The moisture in the panty liner is an ideal breeding ground for various bacteria.
  • Fragrances in panty liners can sometimes cause rashes and skin irritation.

Also be aware that some panty liners contain potentially toxic chemicals. If you wear them too often, they can even cause skin inflammation. Apart from that, the chemicals are also a burden on the environment, as the panty liners end up in the rubbish sooner or later.

Panty liners cause a lot of waste

Another aspect that, in our opinion, speaks against the daily use of panty liners is the amount of waste they generate. A single panty liner may not be period pantsa big deal in this respect. But over time, it creates a considerable amount of waste.

This harms the environment and also wastes the limited resources of our planet. In this day and age, this should be a good reason for many women to do without panty liners or at least not to use them every day.

Why you should use period underwear

If you want to protect yourself during your period or because of vaginal discharge or bleeding, you don't necessarily need to use panty liners. Instead, use period underwear.

Menstrual underwear has many advantages over panty liners:

  • The panties are reusable, so you don't create unnecessary waste by using them.
  • Compared to panty liners, period panties are much easier and more practical to use.
  • Because period panties don't slip easily, they are perfect for an active lifestyle.
  • Period underwear from Weekiss contains no synthetic fibres and is therefore particularly breathable.
  • Menstrual underwear is comfortable and looks good, so you always cut a good figure.
  • Our briefs are available in different absorbency levels so that every woman can find the right model.

Wearing panty liners every day: our verdict

As you can see, it's not a good idea to wear panty liners every day. The supposed advantages do not outweigh the actual disadvantages. If you ever need a sanitary product because of vaginal discharge or spotting outside of your period, we recommend that you use period knickers anyway.

The practical menstrual panties are not only more comfortable. They also help you avoid unnecessary waste. But it's best to see for yourself. You can choose from various models in the Weekiss shop.