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Stop your period immediately: how can you shorten your period without the pill?

18 Jan, 2023

Stop your period immediately: how can you shorten your period without the pill?

Find out below whether this is even possible without the pill. We also give you some easy-to-implement tips to shorten your period.

Stop your period immediately - the most important things at a glance

  • Even though it's not possible to stop your period right away, you can at least shorten it a little with the right measures.A ho
  • t water bottle or a hot bath can relieve cramps and help the menstrual blood to drain more easily.
  • A moderate exercise programme can have a positive effect on period pain and the length of the period.
  • Sex and masturbation can help shorten your period through the decongestant effect of orgasm.
  • With our period underwear, you're choosing a comfortable and easy-to-use menstrual product.

Can you just stop your period right away?

Of course, we know how annoying menstruation can be sometimes, so we understand if you want to stop your period right away. However, we have to disappoint you at this point. Unfortunately, you can't just stop your period right away.

You will have to continue to live with your period. But that doesn't mean that there is nothing you can do to shorten your period at least a little bit and to relieve your period pain.

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How heat can help shorten your period

Heat is known to have a relaxing effect on the body. You can take advantage of this during your period. Use a hot water bottle or take a hot bath.

Both will help counteract period pains and speed up bleeding during your period. The latter can help shorten your period.

Why you should exercise during your period

Many women still underestimate the impact that physical activity has on their menstrual cycle and periods. At the latest when the cramps start and they feel tired and weary, they would like to retire to the sofa and move as little as possible.

However, if you want to shorten your menstruation and counteract your period pain, this is exactly the wrong way to go. Instead, you should make a regular exercise programme your rule, even during menstruation.

Physical activity relieves cramps and helps menstrual blood to flow more easily. So it's definitely worth getting up and getting active despite your period.

Stopping your period simply with sex?

Let's stay on the topic of physical activity for a moment. Besides sports like jogging, cycling or weight training, sex can also help to shorten your period.

If you're not in the mood for togetherness or don't have a partner at the moment, you can simply masturbate. After all, it's all about the orgasm. How you achieve it is ultimately irrelevant.

Stop your period immediately with home remedies?

Apart from heat, exercise and sex, various home remedies are said to help you get over your period faster. Long-established home remedies include monk's pepper, which can help counteract cycle disturbances.

Ginger or raspberry tea can help to stimulate bleeding, and maca root, which comes from Peru, is said to have a positive effect on hormone balance.

Another herbal remedy that is said to have a positive effect on the duration of your period is yarrow. This medicinal plant from the daisy family is said to promote contraction of the blood vessels and tissue.

Basically, you shouldn't expect miracles from such home remedies or even that you can stop your period immediately with them. However, since they are usually well tolerated, there is usually no reason why you shouldn't try them at least once.

Can I stop my period with painkillers?

Theoretically, it is also possible to stop your period by taking ibuprofen. However, since this requires several painkillers a day and is of course not without health risks, we don't think this is a good way to stop your period early.

If you decide to try it anyway, please talk to your gynaecologist about it beforehand and don't just start taking it.underwear for menstrual

Do you already know our period underwear?

No matter how long your period is, you need a menstrual product that will protect you during your period. If you want to be as comfortable as possible and at the same time reduce unnecessary waste from disposable items, you should definitely try period underwear.

Weekiss period pants are available in different absorbency levels, so every woman can find a pair of panties that perfectly suits her needs and that she can feel safe in at all times during her period.

But it's best to try them for yourself. We have no doubt that you'll love your new mestrual underwear from Weekiss.

Stop your period immediately with the pill

The contraceptive pill intervenes in the hormone balance and ensures that pregnancy is almost impossible. The bleeding that women get during the pill break is called abortion bleeding.

In order to stop your period immediately and also not get abortion bleeding, you have to give up the break and take the pill all the time.

Depending on how important it is to you to stop your period and have no more bleeding in the future, taking the contraceptive pill may be an option. This is at least true if there are no health reasons, such as a genetically increased risk of thrombosis, that would prevent you from taking the pill.

Stopping your period immediately - our conclusion

As you can see, it is not possible to stop your period immediately without the pill. However, with the right measures you can at least shorten your period a little.

In addition, the tips in this article will also help you to reduce your period pain and make your menstruation a little more pleasant in the future, regardless of its length.