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Periods stop: What can cause amenorrhoea?

20 Jan, 2023

Periods stop: What can cause amenorrhoea?

There are many other harmless and serious reasons why you may not get your period. We will explain some of the common causes of amenorrhoea in more detail below.

No period - the most important facts at a glance

  • The technical term for a missed period is amenorrhoea.
  • It's not just because you're pregnant that you don't get your period.
  • After you stop taking the pill, it usually takes a while for your hormones to return to normal.
  • Stress and strict diets can prevent ovulation, which then inevitably means that menstruation cannot start.
  • Occasionally, various illnesses can also be responsible if the period does not come.
  • Women who go through the menopause unusually early can sometimes miss their periods unexpectedly.
  • A visit to the gynaecologist is often useful in cases of amenorrhoea.

What is primary amenorrhoea?

Primary amenorrhoea is when a girl does not have her first period even when she is 16. On the other hand, if women who have already had their periods do not have them, this is called secondary amenorrhoea.

In many cases, the reason for primary amenorrhoea already exists from birth. For example, affected girls may have a malformation of the genitals. Sometimes, however, an illness can also be responsible for the absence of the first period in young women.

In any case, it is advisable to make an appointment with a gynaecologist if you or your daughter are still waiting for menarche at 16. The gynaecologist can arrange the necessary examinations, find out why the first period has not yet occurred and decide what treatment measures may need to be taken.

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Why do adult women miss their periods?

Although the first thing many women think of is probably pregnancy, the absence of menstruation can also have a completely different cause.

For example, it is perfectly normal for periods to stop during breastfeeding and, at the latest, after the menopause. Apart from that, you should also keep in mind factors such as stress, eating disorders or an excessive sports programme as possible triggers.

In addition, periods can also be missed due to health problems such as hormonal imbalances or organic diseases.

What are the consequences of missed periods?

Regardless of its exact cause, amenorrhoea inevitably means that affected women cannot become pregnant. This does not always have to be a problem.

However, some women are emotionally distressed by this fact, which can sometimes also have an effect on their relationship and put a heavy strain on it.

Irrespective of this, it is important to remember that some causes of missed periods also have other consequences and can be detrimental to your health in the long run.

Periods stop due to pregnancy

If you suddenly stop having your period, pregnancy is of course the most obvious cause. Once the egg has been fertilised, it is no longer possible for you to have your period.

If bleeding does occur, it can be due to so-called implantation bleeding, for example. However, these period underwear have nothing to do with your period. Of course, only you know whether you could actually be pregnant.

No periods during breastfeeding

It is not only normal to miss your period for a while during pregnancy, but also after giving birth. Particularly when women are breastfeeding, it can sometimes take quite a long time until the first menstruation after pregnancy because of the associated effects on hormone balance.

Women who are not breastfeeding have their periods much earlier. But even in this case, it takes a while, because the changes associated with pregnancy first have to recede and your hormones have to return to normal.

However, don't rejoice too soon about the absence of your period. Instead, the first thing that comes after the birth is menstrual flow. This is much stronger than menstruation, especially in the first few days.

No periods after stopping the pill

The contraceptive pill interferes with your hormone balance to prevent pregnancy. Instead of your period, you will have abortion bleeding during the pill break.

After you stop taking the pill, it can take a while for your hormone balance to normalise and your menstrual cycle to settle down. It is therefore not uncommon for you not to have your period for a while.

Periods stop because of stress

Stress is part of our lives. Up to a certain point, it is usually not a problem. But when it gets out of hand, stress can have a negative impact on health and well-being.

For women, prolonged stress can lead to irregular menstrual cycles and the possible absence of periods.

Periods stop because of dieting

Rigorous dieting and the rapid weight loss that comes with it can affect hormone balance. As a result, ovulation may not occur and menstruation may be missed.period knickers

If you are very thin or have recently lost a lot of weight, this could be the reason why you are not having your period.

Periods stop because of illness

Apart from relatively harmless causes such as stress or dieting, periods can also be missed due to illness.

Possible illnesses that can be considered in this case include:

  • hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
  • Cysts or tumours on the ovaries
  • Diseases of the kidneys
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Inflammation of certain brain regions

Periods stop because of the menopause

Most women reach the menopause around their mid-40s and have their menopause in their early 50s. However, it is possible for the menopause to start earlier and, of course, for periods to stop earlier.

A premature menopause is therefore a possible cause that you should at least keep in mind. If in doubt, talk to your gynaecologist about the issue and have her examine you if necessary.

What can you do to keep your cycle regular?

It probably goes without saying that things like illness or the onset of the menopause can only be influenced to a limited extent. However, there are a few things you can do to help keep your cycle regular and prevent missed periods.

Basically, you should make sure that you get enough sleep and that stress in everyday life does not get out of hand. Regular relaxation and a moderate exercise programme can help you and improve your general well-being.

Apart from that, nutrition also plays an important role. Extreme diets and severe underweight, for example, can affect your cycle just as much as excessive alcohol consumption. It is therefore worthwhile in any case to attach importance to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Period stops: When to see a doctor?

Some of the possible reasons for not having your period can be solved quite easily with simple behavioural changes. However, to be on the safe side, you should always consult your gynaecologist if you don't have your period.

This is especially true if you have other problems besides a missed period, for example, if you have pain or your hair is falling out.

You should also see your gynaecologist if you miss your period more often, if you are taking medication or if you might be pregnant. 

How can missed periods be treated?   

By getting a check-up as soon as possible, you can make sure that the cause of your missed period is identified as quickly as possible and can be treated professionally if necessary. Of course, the measures that need to be taken in this case depend on the diagnosis, so it is not possible to make a general statement in advance.

The gynaecologist may assume that there are causes such as stress or malnutrition. If this is the case, she will probably advise you to make period pantieschanges to your lifestyle or diet.

If you don't have your period because of a health problem, you will need to be treated for the underlying condition. The necessary measures range from the administration of hormone preparations or medication to surgery.

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No period - our conclusion

As you can see, it's not uncommon to miss a period. There are many reasons, from pregnancy, stress and dieting to serious illness.

You don't have to panic about your missed period right away. Nevertheless, a timely visit to your gynaecologist is often a good idea to clarify the causes.