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Period underwear - how period pants work

17 Jan, 2023

Period underwear - how period pants work

If you're looking for a comfortable and sustainable alternative to pads and tampons for your period, period underwear is perfect for you.

What period underwear is exactly and how the so-called period briefs work is explained below.

The most important facts about how period underwear works at a glance

  • Period underwear has a special membrane system that absorbs the blood during your period without leaking.
  • Period panties are machine-washable and can be used over and over again.
  • Using period pants is completely uncomplicated and not much different from wearing normal underwear.
  • Depending on the absorbency and the amount of bleeding you have, you can use period pants alone or with tampons.
  • Since you can save a lot of tampons by using period panties, you are making an important contribution to environmental protection.
  • With Weekiss period panties, you're choosing sustainability, safety and outstanding comfort.

period pants

What is period underwear?

At first glance, period briefs, or period underwear, appear to be normal panties that do not look any different from the rest of your underwear. Unlike conventional panties, however, period underwear has a special insert that reliably protects you during your period, so that in many cases you can completely dispense with classic menstrual products such as pads and tampons.

How does period underwear work? period pants for girls

Basically, period panties are just normal underwear. However, the panties have a special multi-layer membrane system. The layer of fabric that lies against the skin ensures that the blood is absorbed quickly during your period. The inner layer of the membrane system stores the blood and the outer layer of fabric prevents it from leaking out.

This simple but highly effective system reliably ensures a pleasantly dry feeling during your period and gives you the security of feeling completely comfortable in everyday life. Because Weekiss period panties are made of breathable materials, you won't sweat excessively in your period panties despite the effective protection. 

How do you use period panties?

The great thing about period panties is that they are basically used in the same way as regular underwear. Instead of wearing regular panties, you simply put on period panties during your period. Depending on how heavy your bleeding is, you can wear your period panties for up to 12 hours at a time before you need to change them.

It is impossible to say exactly when you should change your panties. When the membrane system is fully absorbed, you will notice that your panties start to feel damp. When this happens, it's time to take them off and change into a fresh pair of Weekiss period panties.

Menstrual panties accompany you safely through everyday life

Of course, you can wear your menstrual briefs in almost every situation. Whether you're at school, at work, doing sports or out with friends, it doesn't matter. Of course, you can also wear them during the night for a good night's sleep. Our period pants will accompany you safely through your everyday life and won't bother you in any way thanks to their high wearing comfort.

You will only have to do without them when swimming. Because for the membrane system it makes no difference whether the fluid absorbed is blood or water. As soon as you enter the pool, your period briefs would quickly become saturated and lose their protective effect.

How can period underwear be washed?

Unlike traditional menstrual products like pads and tampons, period underwear is not disposable. You can wash your period underwear and use it again and again.

To ensure perfect hygiene, we recommend that you rinse your period pants directly under the tap with cold water after wearing them. You can then wash them in the washing machine as normal.

Wash your Weekiss period underwear with the rest of your dark clothes on the easy-care cycle at 40 degrees. Use a colour detergent or a wool detergent without bleach and preferably a washing net. This will ensure that your period panties are washed as gently as possible and that you can enjoy them for a long time.

After washing, all you have to do is hang your mestrual underwear up and let them dry before you can wear them again or put them away in your wardrobe.

Do I still need tampons or pads?

In principle, period underwear is perfectly suitable to completely replace classic disposable products for menstruation. However, if you have very heavy bleeding, period underwear alone may not provide enough protection.period panties

In this case, you can always use them in combination with a tampon or a menstrual cup for extra security. It's best to try them out at home to see what works for you and how you feel comfortable and safe.

 Period underwear has many advantages

Period underwear has many advantages. We're sure that you'll love them too, and that you won't want to be without your new period panties.

Some of the biggest advantages of period underwear include the following:

  • Period panties are just as comfortable as regular underwear, so you won't notice any difference when wearing them.
  • Period pants are available in a wide range of styles to suit all tastes.
  • Thanks to their uncomplicated handling, menstrual briefs are also very suitable for inexperienced women.
  • Depending on the strength of the menstruation, women can often completely dispense with other menstrual products such as tampons and pads.
  • Period underwear is sustainable and helps avoid waste from disposable products like tampons.

Do period panties also have disadvantages?

Of course, period panties have not only advantages, but also some disadvantages. These might not outweigh the positive features of menstrual underwear by far. However, we think you should be aware of them to know what to expect when buying or using period pants.

Period panties are not always enough as the only protection

One disadvantage of period underwear is certainly the fact that, depending on the amount of bleeding, the panties may not always be enough to provide complete protection. If you are menstruating heavily, you may only be able to wear your Weekiss period pants as additional protection to a tampon or menstrual cup.

If you are using our period underwear for the first time, it is best to try them out at home to see if they offer you sufficient protection. This will help you get a feel for how well they protect you and when you might want to combine them with other menstrual products.

Changing is more time-consuming than with tampons

Another disadvantage is that changing period panties is more time-consuming than changing pads or tampons. You should at least keep this fact in mind, especially if you travel a lot.

The price of period underwear

One factor that many women consider a disadvantage of period underwear, at least at first, is the price. After all, good period panties cost between 30 and 40 euros, which is of course expensive compared to tampons.

However, you have to remember that with the right care, you can reuse them for a long time. Tampons or pads, on the other hand, have to be bought again and again. The extra cost will soon be recouped, so you will probably save even more money.

Why you should choose Weekiss period panties ❤️

There is now a very wide range of period panties available from many different suppliers. When buying, you should be aware that there are sometimes big differences in quality. When you choose Weekiss period underwear, you choose high-quality briefs that leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality or comfort.

Weekiss is sustainable

Our period panties are biocide-free and produced in the European Union. High-quality materials such as certified organic cotton are used in the production process. It goes without saying that all EU regulations are adhered to, so you can be sure of impeccable product quality.

Weekiss offers you security

Weekiss period panties are available with different absorbency levels. Depending on the model, one pair of panties can absorb about as much fluid as six normal tampons. In this way, our period pants offer you maximum security even on your heavier days, so that you can move through everyday life without worry.


Weekiss is comfortable

Period underwear by Weekiss convinces with a first-class wearing comfort. The briefs are just as comfortable as regular underwear. So we're absolutely sure you'll love the unique comfort of your Weekiss period panties.

Weekiss has your favourite style

In our shop you will find period panties in different styles. Whether it's Brazilian, simple briefs or extra-comfortable Boyshorts - you don't have to compromise on design with us. With period underwear from Weekiss, you'll always be stylish, even during your period.


As you can see, the way period underwear works is actually quite simple. Thanks to the special membrane system, you can feel safe during your period. At the same time, period underwear is very comfortable to wear and is guaranteed to be as comfortable as your normal underwear.

Apart from that, you can choose your favourite style from numerous different models when buying period underwear, so that you can always be absolutely stylish during your period.

But it's best to see for yourself. Choose the Weekiss period underwear that suits you in our shop, and in future you too can rely on sustainable menstrual underwear that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of safety and comfort.