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Period underwear: How often to change?

20 Jan, 2023

Period underwear: How often to change?

Menstrual underwear scores with sustainability, safety and a high level of wearing comfort. But how often should you change your period underwear to ensure good hygiene and reliable protection? We'll explain below which factors play a role in the answer to this question and how often you should normally change your period underwear.

Changing intervals for period underwear - the most important things at a glance

  • How often women need to change their period underwear depends, among other things, on the amount of menstrual bleeding they have.
  • The absorbency of the particular model also plays a role with regard to the change intervals.
  • Depending on the amount of bleeding and the absorbency of the panties, you will usually need to change your period underwear one to three times a day.
  • We recommend that you test your panties at home first to get a feel for them.
  • With proper care, your period pants will stay hygienically clean and last as long as possible.

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What factors go into changing period panties?

Period panties are a great alternative to tampons and pads. If you use them correctly, they not only offer you excellent protection during your period, but also impeccable hygiene. However, it is of course necessary to change your period pants regularly.

However, it is not possible to make a general statement about how often you should change them. Several factors play a role here, so you may have to change your period panties more often than your best friend or vice versa.

When it comes to the question of how often you need to change your period underwear, the following two points in particular play a role:

  • The strength of your menstruation
  • The absorbency of the panties

Changing intervals depending on the strength of your period      

Every menstruation is individual in both duration and intensity. You may have heavier bleeding during your period. In this case, you will tend to change your period underwear more often.

Menstrual underwear

Apart from that, the changing intensity of the bleeding during your period also plays a role. Towards the end, when your periods start to slow down, you can expect your period underwear to protect you for longer than it does during your heavy days at the beginning of your period.

Change intervals depending on the absorbency of the briefs.

Period panties are not only available in different designs and sizes. They also come with different absorbency levels. Usually, the absorbency of period underwear is expressed in tampons.

Some panties can hold only slightly more fluid than a normal tampon, while others can hold up to six tampons. Depending on which model you wear, you will need to change your period underwear sooner or later.

How often do I need to change my period underwear?

You can expect to change your period underwear between one and three times a day. Depending on how heavy your period is and how absorbent your panties are, you may need to change your period underwear more often or less often.

Some women can only wear period underwear for five or six hours, while others still feel dry and comfortable after eight or nine hours. If your periods are very light, your period underwear may even stay dry longer. In the end, you will have to try it out and find out exactly how often you need to change your period underwear.

How long can I keep my period underwear on?

Period underwearIt goes without saying that you need to change your period underwear as soon as it feels a bit wet. But even if this is not the case, you cannot keep your period underwear on indefinitely.

postpartum underwearFor hygienic reasons, we recommend that you change your period panties after 12 hours at the latest, even if they still feel completely dry, so that the comfort of wearing them is not actually affected in any way.

Hygienic cleanliness through proper care

In addition to appropriate intervals for changing, it is of course also important to take proper care to ensure optimal hygiene. After all, period underwear is a reusable menstrual product. Washing your panties properly will both keep them clean and ensure that they last as long as possible.

It's best to rinse your period pants in cold water after wearing them. Then wash them in the washing machine with your other clothes at up to 40 degrees. Use colour or wool detergent to ensure that your menstrual panties are cleaned gently.

Changing intervals for period underwear - our conclusion

With high-quality period underwear like Weekiss products, you are choosing sustainability, safety and comfort. As long as you change your underwear regularly, you can feel safe in almost every situation and rely on hygienic cleanliness.

The best way to find out how often you need to change your period underwear is to test the comfortable panties at home. Basically, you can assume that you should put on a new pair of menstrual briefs once or three times a day to ensure reliable protection during your period.