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Length of the period: What length is normal?

16 Jan, 2023

Length of the period: What length is normal?

The period and the menstrual cycle are something very individual. Both the duration of the period and the length of the cycle can therefore vary from woman to woman. Nevertheless, there is of course a certain framework for both, which is considered normal. How long your period lasts and what you need to know about the length of your cycle is explained below.

The most important facts about the length of your period at a glance

  • The duration of the period is usually five to seven days, although individual differences are quite normal.
  • In addition to the duration, the intensity of menstruation can also vary from woman to woman.
  • The cycle length is on average about 28 days, although a length of 20 or up to 40 days is also possible.
  • The strength and duration of the period can be influenced by various factors in women.
  • In young women it is quite normal that the duration of the period and the length of the cycle fluctuate.
  • With Weekiss period underwear you are optimally protected regardless of the strength and duration of your period. 

How long does the period normally last?

Menstruation can vary from woman to woman in both duration and intensity. For some women, menstruation lasts a little longer and the bleeding is a little heavier. Other women, on the other hand, bleed a little less and get through their period more quickly. 

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Normally, your period should last between five and seven days. This is how long your body needs to shed and eliminate the lining of the uterus that it has built up in preparation for a possible pregnancy.  

The amount of bleeding during menstruation

Normally, women bleed particularly heavily on the first two days of their menstruation. The blood that comes out is usually light red at first and then gradually turns a strong red colour. Once the heavy days of your period are over, the bleeding gradually decreases.

Sometimes the discharge from your vagina is no longer red, but rather brownish in colour. This is because you are now excreting old blood that has already oxidised and changed colour. 

What does the duration of the period say?

Certain individual differences in the length of your period are normal and do not necessarily indicate problems. However, if you get through your period within three days, it may indicate that you are overdoing it with your diet or that you are currently under a lot of stress.

As happy as you may be about your short period, you may want to take it a little slower in your day-to-day life and pay particular attention to adequate nutrition in the future.

How long does the whole cycle last?

The period is only one part of the whole menstrual cycle. Overall, the female cycle consists of four different phases. It begins with the first day of menstruation and ends with the onset of the next period. The first phase of the cycle is menstruation. This is followed by the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase.

On average, the cycle lasts about 28 days. However, similar to the length of the period, the length of the cycle can vary from woman to woman. Your menstrual cycle can theoretically be between 20 and 40 days long. It is therefore not unusual for your cycle to be slightly longer or shorter than your best friend's, or for your cycle length to be different from what you may have learned at school. 

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Why does the duration of my period change?

The period and the cycle can last differently not only from woman to woman, but also in one and the same woman. Such fluctuations can have various triggers. Excessive stress or a generally unhealthy lifestyle with a poor diet can easily influence the duration of your menstruation and your cycle.

If you notice major irregularities, it is definitely advisable to ask yourself whether you should change something in your daily routine. Sometimes just a little relaxation can be enough to bring your menstrual cycle back to normal. If you notice other abnormalities besides fluctuations in the length of your menstrual cycle and the duration of your menstruation, it wouldn't hurt to have your gynaecologist check you out just to be on the safe side.

The length of the cycle in young women

Young women often have periods that last for different lengths of time and the overall length of their cycle varies. These irregularities are perfectly normal. It simply takes a while for the menstrual cycle to settle down.

Sometimes it can take a year or two for your cycle length to stop fluctuating, for your periods to become regular, and for their duration and strength to become more or less constant. As a rule, you don't need to worry about this. Nevertheless, even if you are a young woman, if you notice anything unusual about the strength or duration of your periods, it may be a good idea to contact your gynaecologist to make sure that everything is OK.

Does your menstruation last longer than 10 days?

As mentioned, the average duration of your period is five to seven days. If it lasts longer than seven days, it is called menorrhagia. In affected women, menstruation can often last longer than 10 days and sometimes even up to two weeks.

If you experience menorrhagia during puberty or the menopause, it is usually due to fluctuations in your hormone levels, which is usually perfectly normal and harmless. Occasionally, however, a very long or unusually heavy period can indicate a health problem. We recommend that women whose periods are unusually long talk to their gynaecologist as soon as possible. 


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