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Intimate waxing despite periods: Is it possible?

5 Feb, 2023

Intimate waxing despite periods: Is it possible?

Unfortunately, many women still think that they have to do without many things during their period. Apart from sex, sports and swimming pool visits, this also includes intimate waxing. Find out below whether this is really true and whether you should refrain from this type of depilation during your period.

The most important facts about intimate waxing despite your period at a glance

  • If you feel like it despite your period, there is no reason why you shouldn't have your genital area waxed.
  • Since women are usually more sensitive to pain during their period, intimate waxing can be more uncomfortable than usual.
  • Shortly before your waxing appointment, you should take a shower and clean your private parts thoroughly.
  • For intimate waxing, avoid wearing period underwear and use a tampon or menstrual cup instead.
  • Change your tampon before your appointment for intimate waxing to ensure optimal hygiene.
  • If you feel uncomfortable because of your period, simply postpone your appointment with the beautician for a week.

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Is intimate waxing possible despite my period?

Menstruation and intimate waxing definitely do not go together. At least, that's the popular opinion. However, we can assure you that this opinion is completely wrong.

Just as you can go swimming or be intimate with your partner during your period, you can also have your intimate hair removed without hesitation.

Menstruation is perfectly natural and certainly nothing to be ashamed of or to limit your daily activities. Whether you go for intimate waxing during menstruation is entirely up to you.

Increased sensitivity to pain due to your period

As you probably know from your own experience, we women tend to be more sensitive to pain due to our periods. At the same time, we all know that intimate waxing is not the most pleasant experience. So getting your private parts waxed during your period can be a little more uncomfortable than usual.

It's best to let your beautician know. This will give her the opportunity to be a little more careful with you. If necessary, a painkiller taken in time can help you get through the appointment more easily. If you are afraid that the pain will be too much for you, it is certainly not a bad idea to cancel or postpone the appointment.

Remember to shower before your intimate waxing session

If you have an appointment to have your genital area waxed despite your period, you should definitely take a shower just beforehand. Clean your genital area thoroughly so that you arrive clean for your appointment with the beautician and feel completely comfortable during the session.

Keep in mind that your skin will be very sensitive after your intimate waxing session. Therefore, it is quite likely that you will have to refrain from showering for about a day until the skin has recovered from the treatment.

Can you go for intimate waxing with period underwear?

Period underwear is a great alternative to tampons. The comfortable panties are practical, reusable and comfortable. Of course, when used correctly, they can also be convincing in terms of hygiene.

However, if you want to wax your genital area despite your period, period pants is not suitable as the only protection. Instead, use a tampon to avoid unpleasant incidents during the session. If you prefer a reusable menstrual product, you can of course use a menstrual cup as an alternative.period pants

What about pads?

What applies to menstrual underwear also applies to sanitary pads. These are also not a good choice for intimate waxing during your period. A tampon or menstrual cup is a safer option during your cosmetic appointment.

Change your tampon before the treatment

Remember to change your tampon before waxing. This way, you'll be hygienic and confident that everything stays dry and there are no unpleasant incidents during your period waxing.

Intimate waxing despite your period: Is this really a good idea?

Maybe you have doubts and ask yourself whether you should avoid intimate waxing during your menstruation. In principle, you can make this decision for yourself.

If you feel uncomfortable with the idea, just leave it alone and postpone your appointment for a week. After all, the hair in the genital area doesn't grow so quickly that a few days would be too important.

This can also be a good idea if you're generally a bit more sensitive or if you have a lot of menstrual cramps during your period.

Intimate waxing despite your period: our conclusion

As you can see, in practice there is little to be said against having your private parts waxed during your period. So if you feel like it despite your period, you can make an appointment for intimate waxing.

If you'd rather not have it done and wait until after your period, that's fine too. At the end of the day, it's all about being comfortable with your decision. Just because you're on your period doesn't mean you have to give up everything.