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How period underwear can help you with exercise

17 Jan, 2023

How period underwear can help you with exercise

How period underwear can help you with exercise

Many women have concerns about exercising during their period. This is often due to unpleasant period pains such as cramps in the lower abdomen, flatulence or headaches and back pain.

Sometimes, however, there is simply the worry that unpleasant mishaps will occur during the workout because the menstrual products used do not offer sufficient protection.

Here's why exercising during menstruation is a good thing and why you should wear period underwear.

Period underwear for sport during your period - the most important things at a glance

  • From a medical point of view, there is nothing wrong with regular exercise during your period.
  • Exercise can help relieve menstrual cramps and improve your well-being.
  • First and foremost, exercise should be fun and a regular part of your daily routine.
  • Period underwear will keep you safe during your period workout.
  • If you have heavy periods, you can wear your menstrual briefs for extra protection during exercise.
  • In the Weekiss shop you'll find high-quality period briefs that are a good choice for more than just your workout.

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Is it allowed to do sport during menstruation?

First of all, there is of course the fundamental question of whether women are allowed to do any sport at all during their menstruation. The answer to this question is clearly yes. After all, menstruation is not a disease, but a normal part of the female cycle. From a medical point of view, there is nothing to stop you from exercising during your period.

Period pains can make everyday life a misery

Period pains are unfortunately common among women. Depending on their severity, they can quickly turn your everyday life into a real ordeal.

If you're suffering from headaches, backaches and stomach cramps, it's understandable that you might want to retire to bed or the couch all day.

Exercise is probably the last thing you want to do during this time. This is more than understandable. In fact, a moderate workout during your period can make a lot of sense, despite the pain.

What causes menstrual cramps?

Your hormone balance is naturally subject to fluctuations during your cycle. These can lead to various complaints and, for example, cause unpleasant flatulence during your period.

In addition, your uterus contracts again and again during your period to expel the previously built-up mucous membrane. Many women experience this as abdominal cramps and it can even cause back pain during your period.

How exercise during your period can relieve period pain

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If you suffer from period pains, there are a few things you can do to counteract them. Besides eating a balanced diet and reducing stress, exercise is one of them.

Regular exercise increases your well-being and helps to reduce symptoms such as back pain and abdominal cramps. Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor are particularly effective. A strong pelvic floor is important for a normal menstrual cycle and helps reduce excessive menstrual bleeding and uncomfortable period pain.

So if you haven't been able to bring yourself to exercise during your period, it's time to change that.

Which sports are suitable for menstruation?

In principle, you don't have to let your period limit your choice of sport. You can do what you like and what works for you in everyday life.

For example, try moderate endurance training, yoga or Pilates. If you have other workout preferences, that's perfectly fine. The most important thing is that you are active on a regular basis. Your sports programme should therefore not be a torture for you, but at least give you some pleasure.

Do I have to exercise during my period?

Exercise is good for you and is perfectly acceptable from a medical point of view. However, this does not mean that you have to exercise.

If you really don't feel like exercising at all and would rather relax on the couch during your period, that is of course perfectly OK. After all, you should feel good and not force yourself to do something that is torture for you in practice.

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Menstrual products for sports

When you're on your period, you naturally need the right menstrual products to protect you. This also applies to physical activities, such as sports.

In addition to the two classics, tampons and pads, you can also use reusable products in the form of a menstrual cup or period briefs.

The menstrual cup basically works like a tampon. It is inserted into the vagina and catches the menstrual blood before it can leak out. On the other hand, period panties are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposable pads.

What is period underwear?

Period underwear may look like ordinary underwear at first glance. However, they are equipped with a special membrane system. Its function is to absorb the leaking blood directly and store it inside in a leak-proof way. This ensures that everything stays pleasantly dry during your period.

Depending on the model, a period panty can absorb as much fluid as one to six conventional tampons. Once the panties have reached their maximum absorbency, they slowly start to feel a little damp. As soon as this is the case, it is time to change the menstrual panties.

You can then simply rinse the used period underwear under cold water, wash it in the washing machine and put it back on after drying. Unlike tampons and pads, period underwear is a reusable menstrual product that is not only good for you, but also good for the environment.

Why you should wear period underwear when exercising

It is up to you to decide which menstrual product you prefer for sports. The important thing is that the sanitary product of your choice protects you reliably so that you don't have to worry about safety during training. Apart from that, the menstrual product should of course be as comfortable as possible and not restrict your movement.

Period underwear meets all these requirements perfectly. Menstrual briefs are comfortable and just as easy to put on and take off as your regular panties. Because the absorbent material is firmly integrated into the briefs, you don't have to worry about your period underwear slipping during exercise, unlike traditional pads.

With period panties in the right size and with the right absorbency, you'll be ready to concentrate on your workout.

Sport with period briefs for heavy periods

Every period is individual in its duration and intensity. On your heavier days or if you have a heavy period in general, it may well be that a menstrual slip alone is not enough to protect you.

In this case, you can easily combine your period underwear with a menstrual cup or tampon. This way, you'll be on the safe side during sports.

Advantages of period underwear for sports

Menstrual underwear has many advantages. It's no surprise that more and more women are discovering them as an alternative to tampons and pads.

The following advantages in particular speak in favour of switching to period panties:

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  • Period panties are reusable, so unnecessary waste from disposables can be avoided.
  • Menstrual panties score points with their uncomplicated handling.
  • Period underwear offers you excellent wearing comfort.
  • Breathable fabrics prevent you from sweating excessively during exercise.
  • Thanks to different cuts and absorbencies, you can easily find a suitable model.

Do you know Weekiss period underwear?

When buying period panties, it is very important that you look for good quality. The panties of your choice should be made of natural materials and be free of potentially harmful biocides.

With Weekiss period underwear, you can rest assured that this is exactly the case. We use certified organic cotton in our period underwear, which is made to the highest standards in the EU. And for the sake of your health, we don't use biocides.

Our period panties are available in a variety of styles with different absorbency levels and you can order them individually or as a convenient menstrual underwear set.

Try them out. We're sure you'll love the feel and security of your Weekiss period underwear.

Period underwear for sports - our conclusion

As you can see, there's nothing at all wrong with exercising during your period. In fact, physical activity can even make a valuable contribution to alleviating existing menstrual cramps and promote the flow of menstrual blood.

With the right period underwear, like the ones you can find in our shop, you can reliably protect yourself during your period so that you can fully concentrate on your workout.