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How can you shorten your period?

16 Jan, 2023

How can you shorten your period?

How to shorten the period?

Menstruation lasts on average five to seven days. Some women have heavier periods than others. Some women therefore wish to shorten their periods. Whether this actually works and which factors can influence the duration of your menstruation, we will explain to you in the following.

Shortening your period - the most important facts at a glance

  • There are various ways that, with a little luck, can help to shorten your period somewhat.
  • Continuous use of the pill ensures that the otherwise occurring abortion bleeding is absent.
  • Home remedies such as monk's pepper, ginger and a hot water bottle can help menstrual blood flow more easily.
  • Exercise is thought to not only help shorten periods, but also relieve period pain at the same time.
  • Sex and masturbation during menstruation can counteract cramps and help blood flow.
  • The permanent use of painkillers is not recommended to shorten the period because of the risks involved.

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Individual differences in the duration and strength of menstruation

It is perfectly normal that menstruation varies from woman to woman. It is therefore not unusual if your best friend has relatively weak and short periods, while your periods are associated with heavier bleeding and also last longer. This may be annoying for you, of course.

As long as your period is over after seven days, you are still within normal limits. If, on the other hand, your period lasts longer than a week, this is called menorrhagia. This can be caused by fluctuations in hormone levels, among other things, and can last up to two weeks in some cases. Since menorrhagia can occasionally indicate health problems, you should consult your gynecologist to be on the safe side.

What affects the length of my period?

The strength and length of your period is mainly determined by hormonal influences. These in turn can be influenced by various factors such as your weight, your diet, your state of health, sports activities and stress.

Women who are active in competitive sports, for example, often have a comparatively weak and short period, which in extreme cases can even be completely absent. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for women who are heavily overweight to have heavier bleeding periods that tend to last longer.

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Can the period be shortened by taking the pill?

By taking the pill, you can not only shorten your period, but even skip it completely. Normally, women take the pill for 21 days and then take a seven-day break. During this break, bleeding starts. However, this is not a real menstrual bleed, but a cessation bleed.

By foregoing this break and taking your pill continuously instead, you can prevent this bleeding completely. As a rule, this is not associated with any health problems. So talk to your gynecologist about what she thinks and whether she recommends taking the pill continuously to shorten or avoid your period.

How can you shorten your period without the pill?

Knowing the factors that play a role in the duration and strength of menstruation, you can definitely succeed in shortening your period somewhat. There is no guarantee that it will actually work for you. In many cases, however, the period can be shortened at least a little with the right measures. In addition, the menstrual cramps that occur in women with heavy menstrual bleeding can often be noticeably reduced at the same time.

Shortening periods with home remedies

There are a number of home remedies that are supposed to help shorten the period. These include monk's pepper, which is said to counteract irregularities in the menstrual cycle. In addition, ginger, from which you can easily prepare a tea, is said to help menstrual blood flow faster and thus shorten the period due to its blood-boosting effect.

Another option is to use a hot water bottle. By placing it on your stomach, your abdomen will relax and the blood will flow more easily and quickly during menstruation.

Shorten your period with sports activities

If you suffer from a long and heavy menstrual period, regular exercise can often help to shorten your period. This is especially true if you normally tend to move as little as possible during your period and spend a lot of time on the couch and eating.

Instead, get active and exercise regularly. What kind of sports you decide to do is of secondary importance. For example, you can go jogging, sign up at the gym, or even take a dance class. The important thing is that you have fun and exercise regularly. In this way, you can help to shorten your period a little and at the same time relieve period pains such as unpleasant cramps in the abdomen.

Can you shorten your period with sex?

It may well be that you are one of those women who do not feel like having sex at all during their period. However, from a health point of view, there is nothing at all that speaks against becoming intimate with your partner during your menstruation.

In addition, orgasms can help your menstrual blood to drain better and reduce cramps that occur during your period. If, despite these benefits, you don't feel like being intimate at all, you can try masturbation instead. As long as you have an orgasm, the effect will be the same.Menstrual Underwear

Can you shorten the period with painkillers?

Occasionally you can read that taking pain pills is supposed to help shorten your period. However, if this is to actually work, it is necessary to take appropriate remedies on a daily basis. Considering the health risks involved, we obviously don't think much of this supposedly effective method of shortening your period and strongly advise you not to try it yourself.

Only use painkillers if you really suffer from severe menstrual cramps during your period and otherwise limit yourself to other ways of counteracting problems such as an irregular cycle or a long period.

Shorten your period - our conclusion

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to shorten your period. Not all of them are recommended and there is usually no guarantee that they will work. Nevertheless, you can certainly try your luck. In many cases, simple things like exercise can not only shorten your period. In addition, you can also make sure that your menstruation is pleasant.  
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