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First menstruation: What you absolutely have to tell your daughter

19 Jan, 2023

First menstruation: What you absolutely have to tell your daughter

Sooner or later, every girl has her first menstruation. For young women, this phase of their lives is often associated with stress and uncertainty. 
It is therefore important that you support your daughter and give her advice. In the following, we will explain how you can best do this and what you absolutely have to tell your daughter about her first menstruation.

The most important things at a glance

  • Girls usually have their first menstrual period between the ages of 11 and 14.
  • As a mother, you should support your daughter as much as possible and ease her fears.
  • The growth of pubic hair and breasts and the so-called white flow show that your daughter is slowly developing into a woman.
  • Period underwear is a good choice for adolescent women to protect themselves reliably.

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When does the first period start?

The first menstruation is also called menarche. In girls, it usually starts between the ages of 11 and 14. However, individual differences are possible. It is therefore possible that your daughter will have her first period earlier or that her menarche will take a little longer. As a rule, there is no reason to worry about this. However, if she still hasn't had her period by the age of 16, it might be a good idea to have her checked by a gynaecologist.

Many girls are afraid of their first menstrual period or the thought that they will soon have a period. As a mother, it is your job to ease your daughter's fears and make her understand that physical changes such as the growth of breasts and pubic hair and her first period are natural. There is no reason for her to feel insecure or even disgusted about it.

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Recognising signs of the first period

The exact time of the first menstruation cannot be predicted. Nevertheless, menarche is not completely unexpected. In addition to the growth of breasts and pubic hair, the typical signals that your daughter is slowly becoming a woman include the so-called white discharge.

Explain to your daughter that white or yellowish discharge is normal and that she doesn't need to worry about it as long as it doesn't itch, burn or have an unpleasant smell. If necessary, you can also get her some period panties so that she can feel safe in everyday life.

If she starts to have white discharge, it doesn't mean that her first period will be in a few days or weeks. It may take your daughter a few more months or even a year to get there.

The signs that many young women experience shortly before menarche include abdominal cramps and a feeling of tightness in the breasts. If your daughter notices a red or brown spot in her panties, she can assume that her first menstruation is imminent.

Help your daughter prepare

If the signs indicate that your daughter's menarche could be coming soon, it is important that you make sure she is prepared. Be sure to pack her some sanitary products in case she starts menstruating on the way. That way, she won't have to turn to a friend or even her teacher if necessary.

Apart from that, you should explain to her that she should stay calm if the worst comes to the worst. Even though the onset of the first period can make you feel insecure, there is no reason to panic.

period pantiesWhat does the first period look like?

The female body needs a while to get used to the changes in hormone balance. This is why the first menstruation is usually rather light. Sometimes, however, the bleeding can be comparatively heavy.

Apart from that, brown discharge during the first period is nothing unusual. Your daughter doesn't usually have to worry if her first period isn't bright red, but rather brownish in colour.

Which menstrual products are suitable for young women?

In the early days, young women usually still have a rather irregular cycle, so it is difficult to say when the next period will start. This inevitably creates additional uncertainty and makes it all the more important to use menstrual products that are as easy to use as possible.

We therefore recommend that you buy your daughterperiod pants. Because period briefs not only ensure that everything stays reliably dry despite the period. They are also extremely comfortable and do not differ from your daughter's normal panties in terms of handling.

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As you can see, you have a whole range of options to support your daughter in connection with her first menstruation and to ease any fears she may have. Of course, we don't know to what extent this is necessary in your case. After all, there are also girls who take a relaxed view of the whole thing and are hardly unsettled by the physical changes in this phase of life.

Either way, you should be prepared and be able to answer questions as they arise. We hope that we have been able to help you a little with this article.