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Exercises and tips against menstrual cramps

20 Jan, 2023

Exercises and tips against menstrual cramps

Periods and menstrual cycles present many an unpleasant challenge for us women in everyday life. For example, there is probably hardly a woman who has not had to deal with painful menstrual cramps in one way or another.

In this article we explain what you can do about it and why exercise during your period is definitely a good idea.

Sport and menstrual cramps - the most important facts at a glance

  • Exercise during your period can help relieve menstrual cramps.
  • The intensity of your exercise programme should be moderate during your period.
  • Yoga exercises are a good way to be physically active during your period.
  • With yoga, too, women should take it a little slower and more relaxed during their period.
  • Period underwear offers comfortable and reliable protection during your workout.

mestrual underwear

Why exercise should not be taboo for women on their period

When menstrual cramps get to you, you understandably don't feel much like exercising. That's understandable.

However, exercise can make a big difference to your wellbeing during your period. For example, exercising can help relieve your period pain and promote the flow of menstrual blood.

If you haven't done it before, you should definitely try exercise like yoga next time you have your period.

Moderate-intensity exercise during your period is best

Menstruation is not the phase of the cycle in which we women are particularly physically fit. If you want to exercise during your period, you should keep this in mind.

Your workout should be of moderate intensity and include exercises that are good for you. You can always beat your personal best at another time.

During your period, focus on staying active and counteracting menstrual cramps with the right exercises.

Exercise and relaxation: yoga during your period

Yoga is a great way to stay active during menstruation. There are a variety of yoga exercises that are good for you and can help relieve your period pain and promote the flow of menstrual blood.

Good yoga exercises to do during your period include the Child's Pose, Sphinx Pose and Seated Forward Bend. Maybe your gym even has some classes that you can do during your period.

Exercises you should avoid during your period

Basically, you can rely on your body's feeling when exercising during your period and train in a way that feels good for your body. Nevertheless, it makes sense to follow some rules and, for example, to refrain from certain things during yoga.

  • Inverted postures are often not recommended for yoga during the period, even if this opinion is not shared by everyone. 
  • Physically particularly strenuous yoga exercises are not a good choice for many women during menstruation. 
  • Abdominal exercises like planks should be avoided during your period and saved for another time in your cycle. 
  • Particularly demanding backbends are also better suited to your post-menstrual yoga workout.

Reliable protection when exercising during your period

If you want to exercise during your period and do yoga, for example, you naturally want the most reliable protection possible.

Weekiss period pants is the perfect choice for this purpose. The comfortable period panties are available in different absorbencies, so you can use them with both light and heavy periods.period pants

If you need to, you can also combine your Weekiss period underwear with a tampon or menstrual cup. This will ensure that you don't have any mishaps during your workout.

Important during the period: comfortable sportswear

Apart from comfortable period knickers, you should ideally also wear comfortable sportswear. Tight, ill-fitting training pants that press uncomfortably on your stomach during a workout are a bad choice, especially if you already have menstrual cramps.

Don't neglect your diet

In addition to exercise, your diet can also have a significant impact on the severity of your menstrual cramps. In this context, it makes sense to avoid alcohol and large amounts of coffee.

You should also try to eat mainly fresh, unprocessed foods and reduce your intake of salt and sugar. This is especially true if you tend to stuff yourself with things like crisps and chocolate during your period.

Menstrual cramps and exercise - our conclusion

As you can see, with the right exercises you can help to reduce your period pains and feel better overall. This works especially well if you also take care of your diet and regularly take time to relax.

But the best thing is to try it for yourself. We are sure that your sports programme will also be good for you during your menstruation. With our period underwear, you can be sure that there won't be any unpleasant accidents during your workout.