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Cotton menstrual underwear: breathable and comfortable

20 Jan, 2023

Cotton menstrual underwear: breathable and comfortable

There are things in life that cannot be avoided. For women, one of these things is their period, which can sometimes have quite an impact on their quality of life. More and more women are looking for sustainability and comfort in their menstrual products, which is why they are opting for period underwear. Here's why you should choose cotton menstrual underwear whenever possible.

Cotton menstrual underwear - the most important facts at a glance

  • Apart from cotton, menstrual underwear can also contain synthetic fibres or sheep's wool.
  • If you want your menstrual underwear to be free of animal components, make sure that wool is not used.
  • Since synthetic fibres from textiles can end up in the oceans as microplastics, their impact on the environment should not be underestimated.
  • Menstrual underwear made of cotton is breathable, which ensures a particularly high level of wearing comfort.
  • Weekiss period briefs are made from organic cotton and are biocide-free.
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What is period underwear anyway?    Period Pants

Sometimes referred to as period pants, menstrual underwear are special briefs that feature an absorbent, multi-layer membrane system. Although they look virtually the same as your regular panties, the membrane system allows period panties to absorb the blood that leaks during your period and store it in a leak-proof way. After wearing them, simply wash them in the washing machine, let them dry and put them back on.

Period panties made of different materials

Period underwear is no longer a niche product. More and more women are opting for the change and in most cases sticking with it. Accordingly, there is a wide range of period underwear from different brands that use different materials to make their products. In addition to menstrual underwear made exclusively of cotton, there are also period panties that also contain synthetic fibres or wool.

Menstrual underwear made of cotton scores with comfort and sustainability

At first glance, it may seem unproblematic if period underwear is at least partly made of nylon fibres or sheep's wool. That is certainly true to a certain extent. However, the materials used can certainly affect the feeling of wearing them. In addition, they may also have a negative impact on the environment.

When buying period underwear, it is therefore worthwhile not to simply reach for the next best product and instead to take a close look at what the respective briefs are made of. In this way, you can ensure that your own ideas about sustainability and comfort are actually fulfilled. Menstrual underwear made of cotton can be convincing both in terms of comfort and sustainability. If both are important to you, you should be particularly satisfied with such a product.

Period pantiesSheep's wool in period underwear        

Menstrual underwear that contains sheep's wool as well as cotton may feel comfortable and serve its purpose well. However, wool fibres are known to come from sheep. This means that it is not vegan period underwear.

More and more women are taking a critical view of this. After all, animal fibres are not an indispensable part of period panties. For reasons of environmental protection and animal welfare, it would therefore be possible to do without them without having to compromise on functionality.

Synthetic fibres in period underwear

If menstrual underwear contains artificial fibres in addition to cotton, at least no animals have to be kept for it. However, this does not mean that materials such as nylon or spandex are therefore harmless in every respect.

A major problem, which of course affects not only period panties but all garments in general that contain synthetic fibres, is the fact that these can end up in the environment over time in the form of microplastics. This is because a large number of tiny fibres are released from the clothing with every wash cycle, which then inevitably end up in the waste water and sooner or later very often also in the oceans.

Compared to natural fibres, it takes much longer for artificial fibres to start degrading. In addition, the tiny artificial fibres can clump together, which has fatal consequences for many marine creatures. Against this background, it is at least advisable to think carefully about whether period underwear containing synthetic fibres is really necessary, or whether menstrual underwear made exclusively of cotton might be a better and more sustainable choice.Menstrual Underwear Set

What is Weekiss period underwear made of? 

We want to offer you the highest quality and most comfortable product possible. At the same time, we attach great importance to sustainability. That's why, from the very beginning, it was out of the question for us to use wool or synthetic fibres in the production. Instead, we use certified organic cotton for Weekiss menstrual underwear.

Our Period Pants are manufactured in the EU according to the highest standards. Besides artificial and animal fibres, we also avoid the use of biocides. These are suspected of causing various health problems. Apart from that, they can end up in the environment when washed with the waste water.

Menstrual underwear made of cotton - our conclusion

If you want a reliable and sustainable alternative to your tampons or pads, you should definitely give period panties a try. Especially if you choose cotton menstrual underwear, you'll benefit from breathable panties that are comfortable to wear.