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Can I wear period underwear all day?

20 Jan, 2023

Can I wear period underwear all day?

If you haven't tried menstrual underwear yet, you may be unsure about how much you can rely on the sustainable alternative to tampons and pads, and whether it will protect you all day in your daily life.

We would like to help you answer this question. For this reason, we will explain below whether period underwear can be worn all day or whether other solutions should be preferred in certain situations.

The most important things at a glance

  • Period panties are suitable for both at home and on the go, and can also be worn during sports activities.
  • For sleeping, period pants are a comfortable solution to provide reliable security during the night.
  • Menstrual underwear is not suitable for swimming, as it would quickly become soaked with water.
  • Depending on the absorbency of the panties and the amount of bleeding, you usually need to change your period underwear one to three times a day.
  • If you would like to try menstrual underwear, you will find a selection of different models in our shop.
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How suitable is period underwear for everyday use?

Of course, during your period you don't want to have to worry about whether your menstrual products will protect you reliably in everyday life or whether they might cause unpleasant mishaps in public.

Before you decide to switch to period underwear, you want to know for sure how suitable the alternative to your current menstrual products is for everyday use.

Basically, you can assume that you don't need to worry about this. You can wear period underwear in almost every situation. Whether you're relaxing on the couch at home or having a stressful day at work, it doesn't matter much.

Your period pants are a reliable companion that will give you peace of mind on both quiet and stressful days. Most women manage perfectly well with their period pants and can completely dispense with the use of other menstrual products after a short period of getting used to them.

Advantages of period underwear

Period underwear offers you a whole range of benefits that you can take advantage of no matter exactly how you organise your day. First of all, period underwear is very easy to use. Basically, you put them on just like your regular underwear and don't have to worry about anything else. They are also very comfortable to wear. If you've been using pads, for example, you'll love how comfortable they feel.

What's more, when you buy period underwear, you can choose not only between different styles, but also between different absorbencies. After all, every woman's period is different. For optimal protection, it is therefore important that the underwear of your choice has sufficient absorbency.

Can I wear period underwear while sleeping?Period panties

Of course, you can wear period underwear not only during the day, but also at night while sleeping. Here you will benefit not least from their excellent wearing comfort. Since period panties are basically no different from your regular panties in this respect, you will not find them disturbing at night. Apart from that, they fit well and do not slip easily compared to pads.

Whether or not you can use period underwear as your sole menstrual product at night depends on the amount of bleeding you have and the absorbency of the panties. If you have heavy periods, you can combine your period underwear with a menstrual cup or tampon.

Can I wear period underwear during sports?

If you want reliable protection for sports activities during your period, period underwear is also a good choice. Compared to sanitary towels, period underwear is much harder to slip out of place. 

Apart from that, they do not restrict your mobility in any way. With well-fitting period pants, you can concentrate on your workout and get the most out of your period exercise.

When not to wear period underwear

Period underwear is extremely flexible and can be relied upon to accompany you through your menstrual period. However, there is one place where you may need to forgo the comfort of your period panties and use a menstrual cup or tampon instead. This place is the swimming pool, the bathing lake or the sea on holiday.

This is because it makes no difference to the absorbent membrane system whether it absorbs menstrual blood or water. If you were to go into the water with your period briefs, they would become soaked up within a very short time and would therefore no longer be able to absorb any menstrual blood that might leak out while swimming.

Change your period underwear in time

Although you can wear your period underwear more or less all day, you should not wear the same pair of underwear 24 hours a day. Not only would this be unhygienic, but it could also mean that the panties no longer protect you because they have reached their maximum absorbency.   Menstrual underwear

Depending on the model, a pair of menstrual panties can hold about as much fluid as up to six conventional tampons. The maximum absorbency of the panties and how heavy you are menstruating will ultimately determine how many times a day you need to change into a fresh pair of panties.

Change your period underwear as soon as they start to feel a little damp. You should change your panties after 12 hours at the latest, even if they are still completely dry. This will help you maintain optimal hygiene during your period.

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Period underwear for all day wear - our conclusion

As you can see, you can actually wear your period underwear almost all day. The only time you'll have to give up your period panties is when you're swimming, and use a tampon or menstrual cup instead to protect yourself.

As long as you change your period pants regularly when they have reached their maximum absorbency, you can rely on the comfortable and sustainable panties in almost every situation.