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The period emoji on Whatsapp: a step towards more acceptance?

5 Feb, 2023

The period emoji on Whatsapp: a step towards more acceptance?

For a long time, menstruation was associated with many prejudices. Unfortunately, this is still the case in many countries. That is one of the reasons why we were very happy when Whatsapp introduced the period emoji in 2019. After all, menstruation is something that comes naturally. So there's no reason to treat it as taboo in any way shape or form.

The most important facts about the period emoji at a glance

  • The period emoji has now been available on social media and messengers such as Whatsapp since 2019.
  • We have an initiative by Plan International to thank for the emoji in the shape of a red drop of blood.
  • The period emoji is intended to make it easier for women to communicate about their menstruation and to help break down prejudices.
  • In many countries, menstruation is still a taboo and associated with shame and exclusion for women.
  • Often, there is even a lack of suitable menstrual products with which girls and women can protect themselves during their periods.

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Why we love the period emoji

The period emoji has been around on Whatsapp since 2019 and is a red drop of blood meant to symbolise menstruation. By the way, we have an initiative by Plan International to thank for the period emoji. Plan International is a children's aid organisation that is particularly committed to equal rights for boys and girls and has been active for 80 years.

The period emoji is intended to help women talk about their menstruation more easily and to reduce negative feelings such as shame. We think this is a great thing not only for women in regions like Europe or North America. Especially in many African or Asian countries, this supposedly small thing can certainly make an important contribution.

Everyday life in many countries: menstruation as a taboo

What is a normal part of everyday life for us is still a taboo subject in many countries around the world. It is not unusual for women to be treated like lepers because of their menstruation. Menstruation (and thus girls and women) is considered something dirty.

This often has fatal consequences for women's lives. In India, for example, young women repeatedly drop out of school because their periods, along with the lack of appropriate hygiene products, are such a burden on their daily lives.

Lack of access to menstrual products

In addition to the exclusion of menstruating girls and women, the lack of access to menstrual products is also a major problem in many countries. Instead of a clean sanitary pad or tampon, dirty rags are used as makeshift protection. This is unhygienic and can even have health consequences.

More self-acceptance: learn to love your period

PMS symptoms, period pains and annoying bleeding: Our menstrual cycle is undoubtedly associated with various unpleasant side effects. If you're like most women, you've probably secretly cursed your period more than once.

That's understandable. Believe us when we tell you that sometimes we feel the same way. Nevertheless, we think it doesn't have to be that way. Menstruation is part of being a woman. It is neither something dirty nor a reason for frustration or shame.

period pants ukThat's why we'd like to take this opportunity to encourage you to be more positive about your cycle and menstruation. This may not be easy at times. However, we can assure you that it will be worth it if you learn to love your period.

Keep in mind that women in many other countries don't have it as easy. Maybe this will help you a little the next time your period makes itself felt with discomfort such as unpleasant abdominal cramps.

Comfortable and lasting protection thanks to period underwear

Apart from possible challenges around the period, every woman naturally needs a suitable menstrual product with which she can protect herself. While women in other countries sometimes don't even have access to simple pads, in this country we fortunately have a number of different solutions to choose from.

One of them, which has been exciting more and more women for some time now, is period pants. At first glance, period panties look like ordinary panties. However, they are equipped with an absorbent, multi-layer fabric that reliably soaks up the escaping menstrual blood.

The great advantage of period underwear is its ease of use and excellent comfort. They are also easy to wash in the washing machine and reuse after use. This way you can avoid unnecessary waste without sacrificing comfort or safety.

Period emoji on Whatsapp: our conclusion

Whether a simple emoji in the shape of a drop of blood can actually change anything is up for debate. Considering the fact that millions of women in many countries of the world still experience exclusion because of their menstruation, we still think it's a great thing.

After all, periods are a normal part of every woman's life. So why shouldn't we have an emoji with which we can virtually share our menstruation with our friends?