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Skin and hair care during the period

5 Feb, 2023

Skin and hair care during the period

Be it pimples or dry, brittle hair: many women struggle with problems with their skin and hair during their period. Especially if you are already uncomfortable due to menstrual cramps, this can be extremely frustrating. What causes skin and hair problems and how you can counteract them is explained below.

The most important facts about skin and hair care during your period at a glance

  • Skin and hair problems during your period are mainly caused by hormonal fluctuations.
  • Excessive stress, alcohol and cigarettes can also have a negative effect on skin and hair.
  • Frequent consumption of milk may contribute to the development of skin blemishes.
  • If possible, use silicone-free shampoo to avoid unnecessary damage to your hair.
  • Peelings containing fruit acids can help to counteract acne and pimples.
  • Taking adequate vitamins and minerals will help keep your skin and hair healthy.Menstrual Underwear

Where do your skin and hair problems come from?

As you probably know, your hormone balance fluctuates during your menstrual cycle. These affect women's moods, among other things. Apart from that, they can lead to skin blemishes and pimples, especially during your period, and can also cause problems with your hair.

So if you're having trouble with your skin or hair again, now you know what it is and that you're not alone. That may be of little comfort. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help.

Try to avoid excessive stress

Stress is a constant companion in our daily lives these days. It cannot be completely avoided. Up to a certain point, we can tolerate stress quite well. But if it gets out of hand, it has many negative consequences. Our ability to perform and concentrate decreases and we become more susceptible to infections.

In addition, prolonged stress can also affect the appearance of our skin and the health of our hair. This can be particularly noticeable during menstruation. If you want to avoid skin and hair problems, you should reduce unnecessary stress in your everyday life as much as possible.

Give up cigarettes and alcohol

It's no secret when we tell you that smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are unhealthy. Both can also have a negative impact on your skin. So you can benefit in many ways by avoiding cigarettes and alcohol in the future (and not just during your period).

Why dairy products can cause blemishes

If you like milk and are prone to blemishes at the same time, they may be related. This is because hormones are commonly used in livestock farming. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that regular consumption of milk can promote skin blemishes.

To counteract this, it makes sense to avoid milk during your period and in the days leading up to it. Try a plant-based alternative like soy or almond milk instead.

Silicone-free shampoos for healthy hair and scalp

Many shampoos contain silicones. These are supposed to soften the hair. However, they can harm the hair and scalp in the long run. For example, they can make your hair greasy. It is therefore best to avoid shampoos containing silicones, at least during your period.

Also, make sure that the shampoo you choose does not contain other ingredients that have a similar effect. Your hair will thank you.

Skin care products with fruit acid

If you suffer from pimples or acne during your period, fruit acid peels can be a good choice. These products can help get rid of blemishes and improve the appearance of your skin.

There are a number of different products that have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, for example. It's best to find out in advance which fruit acid peel is suitable for you.

Use a skin care product that suits your skin typepostpartum underwear

For the health of your skin and hair, it is important to take care of your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, different products may be appropriate than if you have oily skin. By taking into account the individual needs of your skin and hair, you will also contribute to their health during your period.

A balanced diet keeps your skin beautiful

If you're like most women, you probably crave unhealthy foods during your period. We can understand that. However, you should be aware that indulging in cravings too often during your period can have a negative effect on your skin.

A balanced diet, on the other hand, will ensure that your body is supplied with many important vitamins and minerals. This contributes to the health of your skin and hair and helps you feel good during your period.

Micronutrients for healthy skin and hair

Getting the nutrients you need is very important for healthy skin and hair. This is especially true during your period. Micronutrients that play a role in this include vitamin E and zinc.

If you tend to have more skin and hair problems during your period, make sure you take enough micronutrients. You can also talk to your gynaecologist and ask her if she recommends taking a supplement.

Skin and hair care during your period

As you can see, there are a number of things you can do during your period to support your skin and hair health. By taking care of your skin and hair according to your needs, you can help prevent pimples and other nasty problems.

Remember that your diet also plays an important role. Finally, be aware that it's not the end of the world if you have a pimple or your hair isn't perfect. You are still beautiful and should not feel bad about it.