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Panties for women in labour: helpful companions for the postpartum period

19 Jan, 2023

Panties for women in labour: helpful companions for the postpartum period

You should generally avoid using tampons or a menstrual cup so soon after giving birth, and sanitary pads are also not a good choice at this time.

What exactly are panties for women in childbirth and what advantages they offer you, you will find out in the following. .

What is the postpartum period?

It doesn't matter how or where you had your baby. There is no getting around the postpartum period after the birth. This also applies if you had a caesarean section.

In this phase you have the opportunity to get to know your daughter or son properly and, last but not least, to recover from the pregnancy and the delivery. Your body regenerates and recovers from the changes associated with pregnancy. This can sometimes be accompanied by pain. Especially in the first few days of the postpartum period, you should take it easy and concentrate fully on yourself and your baby.

period underwear

What happens during the postpartum period?

First of all, the postpartum period is an exciting time for you. After all, this is the first time you hold your baby, who has been growing inside you in the months before, in your arms. You can get to know each other and build up a deep bond.

Apart from that, your body also has a lot to do in the coming weeks. Besides the hormonal changes, it has to produce enough milk to feed your baby. In addition, the changes caused by the pregnancy will gradually disappear.

The now superfluous uterine tissue is shed and excreted from the body in the form of the so-called lochia. Lochia lasts from about 14 days to six weeks. In the course of this time, it continues to decrease and also changes its colour and consistency. In total, your body excretes up to half a litre of lochia during the postpartum period. This is much more than the 30 to 70 millilitres you have to collect with your menstrual products during your period.

Not everything is pleasant in the postpartum period

During the postpartum period, you will probably feel some pain here and there. This is quite normal and does not usually need to worry you. It simply takes a moment for your body to fully recover and regenerate.      

Normally, you will get fitter and fitter from week to week. The discomfort will subside and the flow will become progressively weaker. So it's only a matter of time before you feel physically well again and can become more active.  Period panties

However, don't be afraid to ask your family or friends for help if you need it. After all, the most important thing in the coming weeks is that you and your baby are doing well, not that you are trying to please others.

Bed pads for the first few days

In the first week after giving birth, the flow is particularly heavy. In hospital, you can get disposable underwear and pads to protect yourself in the early days. Postpartum pads are very different from normal sanitary pads. The soft pads are larger and can absorb a lot of fluid. The disposable panties, also known as maternity briefs, have the task of holding the maternity pad in place while you wear it.

Basically, maternity panties are quite comfortable. Thanks to their elastic material, the breathable panties fit your body well, so even a fresh surgical scar after a possible caesarean section is no problem.

By the way, you can buy postpartum pads and postpartum briefs at any drugstore. So there is no problem in stocking up on the right hygiene products for the postpartum period before you give birth.

Hygiene during the postpartum period

Good hygiene is very important during the postpartum period. After all, your uterus is still very sensitive and susceptible to infections in the weeks after birth.

Make sure you use the right hygiene products for your postpartum and change them regularly. Menstrual briefs, like the ones in our shop, are an excellent choice for this purpose. However, you should avoid using sanitary pads, which usually have a plastic film on the bottom, as well as menstrual cups and tampons that you have to insert into your vagina.

Why you should wear period panties in the postpartum period

Menstrual underwearThe panties are very comfortable, easy to handle and can absorb as much fluid as up to six tampons, depending on the model. Because they're made of breathable fabric, you'll also avoid excessive sweating or heat build-up.

With menstrual underwear, you can make sure that your flow can drain away easily and that everything stays pleasantly dry. They also look great, so you can stay stylish at all times during your postpartum period.

 menstrual underwearPeriod panties during pregnancy

Of course, you can also use period panties if you experience vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Just like during the postpartum period, you will benefit from the unique combination of first-class comfort and safety.

Period panties from Weekiss: comfortable and sustainable

If you would like to try our period underwear as postpartum underwear, we recommend that you order our Weekiss Mama Set directly. The set contains three pairs of panties, so you have several pairs to change into at once.

We use organic cotton in the production of our Period Pants and consciously avoid biocides. This means you can be sure of optimal skin compatibility and a level of comfort that will delight you.

Our conclusion on the topic of maternity panties

As you can see, it is very important to protect yourself with the right hygiene products during the postpartum period. As soon as your flow subsides, you can safely replace your maternity panties and pads with much more stylish and sustainable menstrual underwear.

The comfortable period panties, which you can easily wash in the washing machine, are a great everyday companion not only in the postpartum period, but also afterwards, and you certainly won't want to do without them in the future. See for yourself and order your Weekiss period underwear directly from the shop.