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How your zodiac sign can influence your period

5 Feb, 2023

How your zodiac sign can influence your period

Zodiac signs polarise: For some, astrology is nothing but superstition. Others, however, are firmly convinced that their star sign plays a decisive role. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

Have you ever wondered if our zodiac sign can influence how our menstrual cycle goes or how we behave and feel during our period? Then read our answer below.

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The period for Aries women

If your birthday is between 20.03 and 19.04, you are an Aries. Aries are considered energetic, direct and determined. If you have PMS or menstrual pain, you may sometimes behave rather abruptly towards your fellow men.

Periods in Taurus women

If your birthday is between 20.04 and 20.05, you are a Taurus. Taurus are loyal and self-confident. During your period you tend to take it easy and relax, which we think is not the worst decision.

The period for Gemini ladies

If your birthday is between 21.05 and 20.06, you are a Gemini. As a Gemini you are very sociable and open towards other people. When you're on your period, this often manifests itself in an increased need for cuddling and a sentimental mood.

Periods in Cancer women

If your birthday is between 21.06 and 22.07, you are a Cancer. As a Cancer, your family is especially important to you. You are loyal and compassionate. During your menstruation, your emotions can easily boil over and your mood can fluctuate greatly.

The period for Leo women

If your birthday is between 23.07 and 22.08, you are a Leo. Leo's are considered to be self-confident and extroverted. It goes without saying that you share your menstrual period and the associated period pains with the people around you.

Periods for Virgos

If your birthday is between 23.08 and 22.09, you are a Virgo. As a Virgo you are considered dutiful and reliable. Sometimes, however, you seem a little overcautious. Your period can stress you out quickly because you can only influence its course to a limited extent.

The period in Libra women period underwearperiod pants

If your birthday is between 23.09 and 22.10, you are a Libra. Libra women have a reputation for being peace-loving and in need of harmony. During your period you easily forget to take care of yourself. Try to change that in the future.

Periods for Scorpio ladies

If your birthday is between 23.10 and 21.11, you are a Scorpio. Scorpios are considered to be very strong-willed and ambitious. Unfortunately, they can also be quite vindictive. You probably don't like to let your menstruation get in the way and try to ignore it as much as possible.

The period for Sagittarians

If your birthday is between 22.11 and 21.12, you are a Sagittarius. Typical characteristics of Sagittarians are cheerfulness and optimism. You love your freedom. During your period you try to take your mind off things as much as possible and not pay attention to your period pains.

The period for Capricorn women

If your birthday is between 22.12 and 19.01, you are a Capricorn. Capricorns are considered to be patient and ambitious. Sometimes they are a bit introverted and stubborn. If you have your period and suffer from menstrual cramps, you tend to grit your teeth and suffer in silence.

The period in Aquarius women

If your birthday is between 20.01 and 18.02, you are an Aquarius. As an Aquarius you are very sensitive and tolerant. Occasionally, however, you tend to give up quickly. When you have your period, you try to spend as much time as possible alone with yourself.

The period for Pisces ladies

If your birthday is between 19.02 and 20.03, you are a Pisces. Pisces have a reputation for being creative. They like to give everything for their family and friends. Unfortunately, this also makes it easy to take advantage of them. When you have your period, you like to let yourself go a little and avoid excitement.

Period and zodiac sign: How do you feel about it?

What do you think about the topic of zodiac signs? Is the whole thing nonsense for you? Or maybe you even recognised yourself in our description of your zodiac sign? Either way, we wish you that you get through your next period well and are spared excessive period pains.