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Forgetting a tampon: is that bad?

6 Feb, 2023

Forgetting a tampon: is that bad?

Next to sanitary pads, tampons are still one of the most commonly used menstrual products. Due to the stress of everyday life, it can always happen during the period that the tampon is forgotten. In the following we will explain whether this is bad and what the consequences can be.

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How often should women change their tampons?

How often women need to change their tampon during their period depends on two factors. One is the amount of bleeding. Secondly, the absorbency of the tampon is also important.

It is quite possible that the tampon has to be changed after only three or four hours. But it is also possible that it keeps everything dry for five or six hours.

Regardless of this, women should never leave their tampon in for longer than eight hours. After this time at the latest, it must be changed for hygienic reasons. This is true even if the tampon is still dry.

What are the consequences of forgetting the tampon?

Basically, nothing necessarily has to happen. It is quite possible that forgetting the tampon has no consequences. In this case, you are lucky. Next time, however, remember not to forget your tampon again and replace it with a fresh one in good time.

Forgetting a tampon: symptoms

Unfortunately, it doesn't always have no consequences when women forget their tampon. Experience has shown that it is not uncommon for a sanitary product that has not been changed for too long to cause various complaints.

If you forget your tampon, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Dry mucous membranes
  • Foul-smelling vaginal discharge
  • Stains on clothing

Dry mucous membranes

Tampons are made of absorbent material. This is important so that they can absorb menstrual blood. However, they do not only absorb the blood, but also other types of fluid.

If tampons remain in the vagina for too long, this can lead to dry mucous membranes. In this case, it may make sense to temporarily do without tampons and use a sanitary pad or period pants instead.postpartum underwear

Foul-smelling vaginal discharge

A forgotten tampon is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. If it remains in the vagina for too long, the menstrual blood cannot drain away promptly. For this reason, the vaginal discharge then takes on a particularly foul odour. To avoid this, it is essential to change your menstrual products regularly.

Stains in your clothes

If you forget your tampon and don't change it in time, it may have become completely soaked. This inevitably means that it can no longer fulfil its function properly.

This can lead to menstrual blood leaking out and staining your clothes. Especially when you are out and about, you should take care not to forget your tampon for this reason alone.

What should women do if they have forgotten their tampon?

If you have forgotten your tampon and notice symptoms such as foul-smelling discharge, you should of course remove it immediately with clean hands.

If it has slipped up too far, a visit to your gynaecologist is essential. The gynaecologist can remove the forgotten, stuck tampon. This can prevent unnecessary complications, including toxic shock syndrome.

Period underwear instead of tampons

If you are prone to forgetting your tampon or want a more comfortable alternative for your period in general, you should definitely try menstrual underwear.

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