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10 myths about menstruation and what they really mean

19 Jan, 2023

10 myths about menstruation and what they really mean

Do you really have to abstain from sex and sporting activities during your period? Is it true that menstrual blood is infectious? Menstruation causes uncertainty, especially among young women, and brings with it numerous misunderstandings as well as unanswered questions.

To support you, we have compiled ten particularly widespread myths on the subject of menstruation and explain to you what is really true about the supposed facts.

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Myth number 1: You must not have sex during your period.

The assumption that sex during your period is an absolute taboo persists. In fact, however, there are no medical reasons why you shouldn't exchange caresses with your partner. Therefore, if you feel like having sex with each other during your period, you can be intimate without any problems.

Myth number 2: You can't get pregnant during your period.

Another widespread myth is the assumption that it is not possible to get pregnant during your period. This is also not true. Since the length of the cycle can vary and the sperm can survive in the woman's body for several days, pregnancy is well within the realm of possibility.

Myth number 3: You must not do any sport during your period.

Many women think that sport is not allowed during their period. However, this is not true either. In fact, physical activity can even help to alleviate existing menstrual cramps. So it pays off in more ways than one if you can bring yourself to exercise despite your period.period panties

Myth number 4: You can't go swimming during your period.

If you're like many other women, you're probably worried about going to the pool during your period. This is understandable. However, the fear that you will leave a conspicuous trail of blood in the water while swimming is completely unfounded. With a tampon, you can protect yourself reliably and enjoy your visit to the pool without worrying.

Myth number 5: Menstrual blood contains a lot of pathogens.

There is still a widespread belief that menstrual blood contains a lot of pathogens and is therefore infectious. This is also a myth which, on closer examination, is not true. The discharge known as menstrual blood is a mixture of the remains of the shed uterine lining, blood and vaginal secretions. The discharge is therefore neither disgusting nor dangerous in any way.

Myth number 6: Menstruation leads to iron deficiency in women.

Iron is a vital mineral that plays a key role in the transport of oxygen in the blood. As you excrete blood during your period, you inevitably lose some iron. Unless you have an unusually heavy menstrual period, the amount of iron you lose is manageable. If you are diagnosed with an iron deficiency, it is much more likely that it is caused by an insufficient supply in your daily diet.

Myth number 7: You can't go to the gynaecologist during your period.

The assumption that it is not possible to have a gynaecological examination during your period is only partly true. If your bleeding is light, you can go to your gynaecologist. However, if the bleeding is heavy, as is usually the case at the beginning of your period, gynaecological examinations are not always possible.

best period pantsMyth number 8: Menstruation causes women to be in a bad mood.

Unfortunately, a bad mood is part of everyday life for many women before and during their periods. Fluctuations in hormone levels are primarily responsible for this. If the symptoms occur before menstruation, this is called premenstrual syndrome, or PMS for short. If your mood swings or other symptoms are very severe, you should not hesitate to seek medical advice.

Myth number 9: You get skin problems before your period.

Skin problems like pimples are not uncommon. If you are a woman who is affected, it is quite possible that there is a connection with your period or menstrual cycle. As with the mood swings just mentioned, hormonal changes are one of the main reasons. If necessary, consult your gynaecologist to find out how you can best counteract your blemishes.

Myth number 10: The female cycle is influenced by the moon.

This myth about menstruation has probably been around for a long time. However, that doesn't make it true. The only thing the moon and menstruation have in common is that the four individual phases of the moon together are also called the moon phase cycle. However, this does not change the fact that your menstrual cycle is in no way influenced by the cycle of the moon.

Myths about menstruation - our conclusion

As you can see, not all myths about menstruation are true. While some assumptions are at least partially correct, others are just plain wrong. So don't let yourself get confused. If you hear or read something that seems strange, talk to your mother or gynaecologist about it.